Brazil-Based Farmly Launches Online Platform for Green Coffee Sales

Green Coffee | Farmly will essentially come in between and remove all the problems producers and roasters might face. It will make it incredibly simple for everyone involved because a streamlined and defined system is in place for everyone to take advantage of.

The product must be of the highest possible quality; it gets to where it needs to on time and reaches safely without being spoiled. By using a platform like Farmly, life becomes a lot simpler.

How Does Farmly Work?

When using Farmly, you can make transactions as small as one bag of green coffee or as large as entire lots of the stuff. Farmly will also offer quality control measures during the delivery process for an extra charge.

As A Producer

Different producers will be asked to give samples of their product to a Farmly partner Q grader. After running it through different quality control processes, these people will approve the product. Once it has passed through all the right processes and met all the requirements, the product is listed on Farmly’s marketplace. Registered roasters have access to the platform, allowing them to get the best quality available product.

The producers set the rates at which the product is then sold. Furthermore, Farmly also offers the users different forms of guidance regarding compatibility with certain markets.

As A Roaster

Once you’ve made an order through Farmly, the coffee is then delivered to the producer’s Farmly suggested logistics partner. After the producer drops off the coffee, Farmly will assume all responsibility to get the coffee from producer to roaster.

Farmly not only provides a platform to bring roaster and producer together, but it also makes it easier for the product to go from buyer to customer. Furthermore, Farmly will keep around 15% to 20% of the purchase price on every purchase.

Farmly – What Is The Deal With It All?

Farmly is another example of a platform made to solve a problem that people didn’t know existed. It has taken a process that had been going on for a very long time, added the right sort of tech to the mix, and made it for all parties involved.

Farmly is essentially doing what Uber did for coffee production for people trying to get from one point to another. It took an everyday activity, made an online platform that can bring driver and passenger together, made it easier to pay for it, and solved a problem people didn’t know they had.

This is not something that people needed or couldn’t live without, but now that it is there, it can make life very easy for many people. Simply adding the ability for a roaster to order a sample before a bigger order solves one of the biggest problems that roasters have. There were times when people would order a certain amount of product, only for it to be delivered and turn out to be not what they expected.

Farmly uses the Port of Rotterdam in the Netherlands to cater to the European market. Here, it stores its product and then delegates the deliveries to roasters. With offices in Colombia and Brazil, Farmly plans on expanding into Holland and making it possible for coffee to be sent from Ethiopia to the USA.

Wrapping Up

If done right, Farmly can make itself a powerful player in the coffee production market. It is positioning itself in a place with close to no competition and offers a service unlike any other out there.

Many companies in the past had great ideas and execution, but they managed to tank the business somehow because they didn’t lead the business right. Unless Farmly fumbles the business, chances are for it to become a titan in its field even though it was only founded in 2019. It plans to introduce several ‘virtual farm’ profiles, making the service accessible for more producers to access more roasters. Furthermore, it will allow people to get information about the current production, different methods to produce coffee, and things like quality histories and more.