Tiny Tim

un poco sobre mí

28 de mayo de 2013 – Timmy fue mantenido en una jaula afuera y recibió poca o ninguna comida y agua y ningún tratamiento médico. Sus encantadores dueños lo llevaron al control de los animales (gracias a Dios) y llamaron a Yorkie Haven para ver si tenían espacio para este bebé de 3.5 libras. Tenía su dentadura y perdió 17 dientes y en ese momento, descubrieron que tenía un cálculo grande en la vejiga, pero tuvo que esperar para la cirugía porque estaba muy demacrado al llegar.

Ahora ha ganado algo de peso y debería estar listo para que le quiten el cálculo en la vejiga mañana.

Timmy es un chico dulce que ama a su gente y le va bien con los otros cachorros en su hogar de acogida. Él y su madre de acogida estarán buscando un hogar para Tiny Tim que comprenda a estos pequeños y alguien que esté listo para brindarle todo el amor, la atención y el consuelo que no recibió en su hogar anterior. Él asciende en el mundo y no mira hacia atrás.

Si puede ayudar con sus costos de investigación, se lo agradecerá.

May 31, 2013 – Timmy had his bladder surgery two days ago and is doing fine in his recovery. The stone was huge!

June 13, 2013 – Timmy is doing well and has put some much needed weight on!

December 24, 2013 – In spite of being on a special diet, Timmy has developed another large bladder stone. Poor baby was in pain and went to the vet this morning. Because it is not considered an emergency, he is home on pain meds and being watched. Unless he becomes obstructed, surgery will not be done until after Christmas.  Prayers appreciated!

January 11, 2014 – Timmy had his surgery on the 8th and he is recovering well. He sends yorkie kisses to everyone who helped us pay for his surgery and those who prayed for him!!

February 16, 2014 – Since Timmy developed bladder stones again while on a prescription diet, we have done a veterinary nutrition consult on him and have started him on a home cooked diet. Timmy will need to be checked every 3 months for bladder stones.

March 24, 2014 – Timmy had emergency surgery today to remove a bladder stone that was blocking his urethra. Because he is a recurrent bladder stone former, a scrotal urethrostomy was done to help him pass stones if they form again which is highly likely. He will remain in the hospital for a couple of days.

April 16, 2014 – Timmy has been on various diets to prevent bladder stones. With the surgery he had recently it is hopeful he will never have to have surgery again. He must be seen by a vet every three months to have his urine checked and be evaluated for stones.

9/14/2014 – Timmy (Tiny Tim) became ill overnight and was in the Emergency Clinic early this morning and then referred to Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists this afternoon.

Timmy in in ICU on IV fluids and antibiotics. His liver enzymes and white count were very elevated and he had a temp of 103.7. He has a probable liver infection, but he does have stones in his gall bladder; so they cannot rule out an obstruction until further studies are done. He will have an ultrasound tomorrow morning and hopefully that will tell us more.

You all have been so generous lately with our sick girl, Lily Rose, so it is totally understood that it may be difficult for many to donate towards Timmy’s vet care. If you can help, it will be appreciated. No amount is too small….if you can give up one cup of coffee for him, it will be a huge help and deeply appreciated. One thing we ask is that you please say a prayer for this precious boy.

9/17/2014 – Timmy is doing very well and will be discharged from the hospital tomorrow. Thank you everyone for your prayers and donations!

9/19/2014 – Timmy is back in his foster home and doing well. He will need to be watched closely to see that his blood work continues to improve. He is taking all of his meds like a champ!

3/2/15 – Timmy is doing well. He was recently checked out thoroughly and has not formed any stones. We are thinking the surgical procedure where his urethra was rerouted has fixed that issue; but an adopter must always be aware and have him checked on a regular basis.  He is on prescription food: Royal Canin Urinary SO and must remain on that.

12/5/2016 – Timmy continues to do well. He is quite the little charmer and loves to be held. He must continue his RX diet.
Timmy needs an understanding home. He likely spent much of his life outside and may never be fully housebroken. He cannot wear belly bands because of his surgery that changed the way he urinates, so the only way to protect furniture is to put a diaper on him. We think his sweet personality makes up for all. 🙂

11.16.17 – Timmy went to the vet for an exam and an xray was done and he was found to have gall stones. Photo of the xray is in his pictures. He was referred to the specialist and he went today. An ultrasound showed that he has stones in his gall bladder, liver and bile ducts. We will be doing blood work every couple of months to keep a close eye on him. He is healthy now,and blood work looks great. He may never have issues with the stones; but must be watched closely for signs of obstruction. We don’t know how long he has had them…and they may never be a problem for him. He had gone to the vet for something totally unrelated.

3/1/18 – Little Timmy can’t seem to catch a break. He started having difficulty walking with his front feet crossing and his right shoulder popping in and out; and he was falling down frequently. He was seen by our orthopedic surgeon today in Houston and he said that Timmy needs surgery on his right shoulder. He is scheduled for an arthrodesis (fusion) of his right shoulder on March 16. His other shoulder is a bit loose, but he is hopeful that with the one being repaired there will be less of a demand on it and he may hopefully not need surgery on that other shoulder.

4/2/18 – Timmy has a stubborn skin infection. Once we get that cleared up, he will be scheduled for surgery.

6/20/18 – Timmy had his shoulder surgery two weeks ago and is doing very well! He was seen by the surgeon and also the physical therapist yesterday and he is doing even better than expected at this point! He is definitely a little trooper! He sends lots of kisses to everyone who donated to make his surgery possible!

12/27/2019 – Timmy is a special needs pup. He is on a prescription diet (Royal Canin Urinary SO) and thyroid supplement. He enjoys being hand fed. We know that his gall bladder is full of stones, but he has never had any issues with them; and the specialist advised to leave it alone as long as he is not ill. He walks slower these days and needs some assistance over door jams and the like.
He sleeps cuddled up next to his foster mom.
His hair is very thin so he wears shirts for warmth. He has recurrent skin issues and needs to be bathed every couple of days in prescription shampoo.
Timmy is will go outside to pee but will still lift his leg in his foster home.
Despite all of these things, Timmy is a sweet little love of a pup and would be happy to be held 24 hours/day!

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