a little about me

10/25/22 – Hold on, the listings of my previous addresses might call for a Dramamine. I was, as this story has been told way too many times, purchased a wee little puppy for an elderly lady by her children to help keep her company. Well, it seems I might have been too much for her and was sentenced to life in the kitchen behind a baby gate. As you can imagine, this made me CRAZY. So anytime I was let out, I would try to play with her and unknowingly scratch her, I would tear things up and basically, act like a bull in a china closet. Yes, I have mad comedian skills. Lol Anyway, when the lady had enough of me, one of the adult children came and got me and I stayed with them until they had enough of me and was then sent to another house, and so on and so on. I even got sent back to the original lady’s home again when she thought she missed me, but then decided she did not.
Then it was off to a rescue who adopted me out to another senior couple, with no other dogs, within 24 hours of me entering their program. Can you say “I was fit to be tied“? So here I was in my, I think 5th or 6th home (I kind of quit counting), and although they did really care about me, I was in the same situation as when I started. Too much energy, no other dogs to play with, humans that didn’t have enough energy or patience, so I once again was “Dennis the Menance”. They did try, however, their trying was to put me on Xanax so I would calm down. Ok…… puppy, active, lonely, destructive, anxious, nippy…… I had it all by this time. All because I was never placed in an appropriate home for me.

Thank God for breed specific rescues, and my Awesome, Spectacular, Loving, Caring, Strict, foster family that came and got me from my last home when they realized they weren’t what I needed. Apparently, these people “get it” and “get me”. Turns out I did not need the Xanax at all, so I was weaned off and am doing just fine. Also turns out, I’m not actually a “bad dog” as I heard more times than I care to remember. I’m just your typical Yorkie puppy that needed positive reinforcement, rules to follow, another dog my size to play with, a fenced in back yard to run and play in and basically a chance to learn from my mistakes like we all should be able to do.

The foster home I’m in is great. Wish I could stay here permanently, but this is their job and once they pick my perfect home (one exactly like theirs), they have to save another Bear in need. They have two dogs, one is Rebel, and he is also active and playful like me and we play a lot. The other is a senior baby that doesn’t want anything to do with Rebel or I, so I just let her come and go as she pleases. I’m a very good eater, and, most of the time, respectful of the other dog’s food. I’m doing really well with my potty training, but heck, I make mistakes sometimes.

I love all people, just take a little longer to warm up to men, but once I’m warm, out comes the licker. Oh, I like to lick (kiss). Hope you don’t mind that. I’ve been told that my most important job is testing out all the toys and it seems that NONE OF THEM, except my special firehose sticks, have held up. The firehose sticks are specially made toys and they are indestructible. I should know. I can be a little protective of my toys when playing with them, but haven’t shown any true alpha behavior. I’m doing well walking on a leash, but would prefer a fenced yard to call my own. But, I do require my humans to stay outside with me. I love the comforts of the sofa and bed and have no problem getting on them with my humans.

Ok, are you paying attention? Listen carefully! I absolutely LOVE attention. I LOVE being by my humans either at their feet or on the sofa or bed snuggling up to them. I’m just a huge cuddle Bear. Get it? I love showing my humans affection.

Now, there is one problem with my foster home. They have this machine that foster mom pushes around sometimes that makes noise, but don’t worry, I protect her from it. She says she is just vacuuming, but it sounds like it will hurt her. Good thing I’m here. I will also talk in my authoritative voice if someone rings our door bell or the door bell on the television. But foster mom makes me quiet down quickly. I just got groomed recently and did very well for a dog that hasn’t had much grooming in my lifetime.

I can be a little anxious at times and have a little separation anxiety, but am doing well with learning to trust and overcome. I will still need parents that continue to reinforce my good behavior with positive reinforcement.

Speaking of my mad comedian skills, “What do you call a bear that never wants to grow up? Peter Panda!” I crack myself up!!

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