a little about me

4/14/23 – Bebe, Emma and Amber all came to YHR from the same home. Their elderly owner could not care for them any longer so surrendered them. All three are very tall, slender, have nice tails and have beautiful faces. They all thought about going into modeling, but after giving it careful consideration, figured the better path would be to join a family and be pampered, loved and retired. They all three seem to have had puppies before and show signs of uncertainness of humans, so were aren’t sure of their full background of socialization. We believe they are sisters as they are all the same age and look a lot alike.

When they first arrived, they did not have any vetting done, so they received the works. Bloodwork, dental, spay, shots, heartworm test, etc. Their skin and hair were in pretty bad shape too, but good food and baths are helping the hair feel more like hair and less like hay.

Even though they have a lot in common, they do have differences in their personalities, so we asked each of them to give you details about themselves.

Hi, I’m Bebe. I am a very sweet little girl who doesn’t have a lot of confidence. I’ve never known what it was like to have that typical yorkie attitude. Foster mom is teaching me that I deserve the best there is and told me that I do not have to feel bad about wanting it. I’ve been told that I have many great qualities. Such as my long legs make me look like a model, my dainty face is just beautiful, I have a very sweet and endearing personality, I’m pretty good in the potty-training department (I go outside and use pee pads, but might have some mistakes), I appreciate any attention I get and I’m not a huge barker. But, when I do bark, foster mom says it is high pitched. Lol A home without children would be best since I’m so timid.

I think I would like to have a few fur-brothers or sisters. Nothing too big or hyper, just company. Even though I don’t play with any of my foster-siblings, I do enjoy their company and their existence gives me confidence. Foster mom even caught me the other day licking a few if the other dogs in the face. Isn’t that sweet? I’m getting better at being confident, but I’m still unsure and timid around new people. That is until they decide to give me kisses or hold me or rub my belly. Then I melt like a puddle of goo.

I like to sit in foster mom’s lap in the evening, but I will also lay in one of the dog beds or on the back of the sofa. My long legs enable me to get up just about anywhere. I also love to give kisses and be held. And I know I said it once before, but the belly rubs…… they are my favorite.

If you are looking at my face and have read my bio, then you already know that I’m looking for a home and family. Now, I know that I don’t have anyone to call my own, and I’m my face and demographics are up on a site like I’m posting on, but please understand that I’ll only be reviewing the best applications that are filled out by someone who has thoroughly read my bio and understands my shortcomings and all my great qualities and is up for the job to be my loving mom and/or dad. So, good luck!

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