Daisy Lynn

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9/15/20 – Daisy Lynn was picked up stray and brought to a shelter in Shreveport, Louisiana.  They knew right away that she needed to be out of the shelter and in a rescue group, so they reached out Carley’s Angels, Senior Sanctuary and Hospice who immediately picked her up.  They got her cleaned up and then could really tell the extent of her eye problems.  She has an ulcerated right eye and her left eye is bulging.  Knowing that they would not be able to get the medical attention this little girl needed, they quickly reached out to Yorkie Haven Rescue and one of our foster homes left almost as soon as she got the call.  We are in the process of getting the vet in Shreveport to send over a referral to the eye specialist in Plano, Tx and schedule an appointment as soon as we can get it.

We are not sure exactly what we are going to be looking at in terms of if she can have surgery and save 1 or both of her eyes or if she is even a candidate, but we do know that we have to do everything we can to give this young girl the comfort and eyes she should have.  The ones she had before whatever happened to them took place.

We do not know much about her currently in terms of personality right now since foster mom just picked her up tonight, but as soon as she is more comfortable and we can access her, we will update.  Right now, all we are focusing on is getting this appointment set and seeing if we can shed new light on this baby’s eyes.

We don’t even have an estimate right now, but donations would be greatly appreciated.  We know that they way things are right now, not everyone can donate, but please pray for Daisy Lynn as prayers are just as important.

9/16/20 – Daisy Lynn and her foster mom left the Veterinary Eye Institute in Dallas, Tx around 8:30.  We will be getting a formal report tomorrow and will be in a better position to give a more accurate update, but the short summary is that Daisy Lynn’s right eye had an ulcer that ruptured previously.  It has already tried to protect/heal itself and scarred over.  She is not squinting, blinking or trying to avoid light, so they do not believe this eye is uncomfortable at this point.

Her left eye, the one that we referred to as bulging, has a mature cataract and glaucoma.  The doctor said that her pressure in that eye is lower than normal, so there is no scare there of doggy migraines or pain.

At this point, we can discontinue the eye medicine that was originally prescribed for the other group and our doctor is starting her on Ketorolac to be administered to both eyes twice daily just to help with any inflammation.

There isn’t a surgery that will help her, she is totally blind in both eyes, but she isn’t in any pain and he feels she is quite used to her situation.  We are sure that at some point both eyes truly hurt her and that is sad to think about, so we will focus on the present and just give her all the love and attention she can stand.  We had hoped that there would be something that could help her see, but at least she isn’t in pain and is probably already used to her blindness.

We will update personality after we have had about a week to see her true colors come out.  Thank you to everyone who prayed and everyone who donated.  She won’t arrive home until about 10:30 tonight and then will be ready to curl up for a long night’s sleep.

9/28/20 – Daisy Lynn is settling in to her foster home quit nicely.  She has graduated to the big bed with her humans and she LOVES it.   She is eating good and we are pleased as she needs to gain a little.  She will have accidents sometimes, but will always go when brought outside.  When her foster mom has to go out, she will leave her in an area with a potty pad and she seems to find it and use it.  Smarty pants!  She rides ok, but does want to be near her person.  We were letting her get comfortable, but will be setting up her vet appointment for her necessary shots, etc.

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