a little about me

I kind of relate myself to the newest technology in cell phones. Such as rollover minutes. I offer rollover love and attention. You are allowed up to 1000 anytime minutes and unlimited nights and weekends of love and attention from me. If you do not use all of these up, they can be rolled over to the next month. I also offer Bluetooth technology. For those of you who don’t know, bluetooth technology is one that would support communication between two devices which rely on information from each other to communicate electronically. I can communicate with up to two others at one time. My adoption fee also allows for free roaming for those times when you just want to be alone. I will let you just roam through the house and I will stay close by, but not smother you. Then there is ringtones, I mean bark tones, I have stored up to 5 of those.

I’m an active little fellow with a major zest for life. Even though I am 9 years old, I truly want/need another dog to play with as I just love other dogs my size. My tail is always wagging and I am always happy. I eat Royal Canin Urinary S/O because I have a bladder stone. Had it when I came into rescue, so the dogtor started me on this diet to see if it would shrink. Well, it hasn’t, so now I am scheduled for surgery on 11/11/21. I like my food I eat which is a good thing since I will continue to be on it after my surgery to try to prevent any new stones forming. I will feel so relieved once this rock is out of me. Ohh, I’m going to get my teeth cleaned too. Now that I’m really looking forward too. Too many people keep telling me that my breath stinks.

I’m 100% happy, easy going, sweet, loving and spunky little guy that is looking for a home with a mom and/or dad, a fenced in back yard to run and play in and a fur sibling to play with. I don’t sleep in the human bed right now, but foster mom is hoping that is because it is crowded with all the other dogs and I will want to once I get in my new home. I don’t play with toys yet, but we are hopeful about that too once my mouth feels better.

So that about sums me up. Are you ready for a new plan…, I mean man, in your life?

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