a little about me

11/1/22 – I’ve been single for while now. I guess you can say that I was scared of “Commitment”. But lately while traveling the single’s scene, I’ve noticed other pups just like me in long term relationships and happy. They are always with their human companion, hand in paw, playing fetch, getting belly rubs, and so on. I think there might be something to this couple’s thing and I’m ready to try it.

Hi, my name is Hunter. Seeing as how I was picked up stray roaming around looking for food, I’m thinking I was named after what I doing. Get it? Hunter! Hunting for food! Anyway, a good Samaritan scooped me up and brought me to rescue. I was in pretty bad shape. I was missing a lot of hair due to flea allergies, I wasn’t neutered and I had bad skin and ear infections. I visited the doctor and they gave me medicine and special shampoo to fix me up. I’m also fixing to get neutered and have a dental. They said that I don’t have many teeth, so we will see if I have any after this dental thing. Doesn’t matter to me, I’m eating soft food just fine and love the taste of it and everyone I meet tells me how cute I look with my tongue sticking out.

In my foster home, there are other dogs and I’m doing well with them, but don’t really play. I was used to just traveling alone and didn’t stop long to made friends. But, I do love all people. Foster mom says that I am doing well with something called potty training. I use pee pads and go outside. Foster mom is retired, so we go out a lot which is a good thing for my old bladder. I’ve started taking to the toys laying around the house and am learning that they squeak. I’m not as clingy as some of other foster siblings, but I’m learning and do love to give kisses and be held. Here’s the best thing…. when it gets later in the evening, foster mom says: “Ok, let’s go to bed. Then we all go into another room where there is thing (a bed) and we all get to sleep in it with foster mom. It is the most comfortable thing EVER. I mean, I thought I slept good outside. Pretty much laying wherever, whenever I got tired, but this bed contraption is something I wish for everyone. It is the bomb! Please God, let there be one of these in my forever home. And since I’m ending this with praying: God, please let my forever parents be sweet and kind to me. Please let them feed me twice a day…. everyday. Please let them give me good baths to make my hair smell good and feel soft. Please let them love me unconditionally and never put me outside to live. Amen! Thanks for listening, I really appreciate everyone who looked at my photos and read my bio. Foster mom says that there is a perfect home out there for me and she and God will make sure that is where I end up to live out the rest of my life.

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