a little about me

1/23/23 – Now, coming down the runway modeling our newest line of faux fur, is Kaia, a female Yorkie/Terrier mix who starting her modeling career at the young age of 6 months. Doesn’t she look stunning in this one piece jumper outfit fitting snug and showing every curve? Watch out Kaia Gerber, there is a new model in town! They tell me that my name is of Hawaiian derivation and one of the meanings is “the one with the beautiful body”. Honey, I know that’s true!!

I absolutely love to play and wish for another younger, playful pup in my next home. I am respectful of, and will lay with, the older pups here in my foster home too. Since I love people so much, it only seems right that I should be sleeping in the human bed where my peeps are. Foster mom says I eat like a champ twice per day. I make a happy plate each time.

There is this basket at my foster mom’s home and it has so many toys in it. Santa was good! I love them all! I take them out, play, play, play, foster mom puts them back in, and I start over. I’ve also been known to try to make the outside toys (leaves and sticks) into inside toys. I love ALL people and will give and want to get attention from everyone. However, I’m not as clingy as some puppies. Even though I like attention, I’m good to play with my toys or another dog, or just lay in the sun or run around the backyard. But, with that being said, I still want my human in my presence. I can get underfoot sometimes, so a home without children would be the safest. As far as puppies go, I’m doing ok on my potty training, but let’s get real, my bladder is the size of a pea, so I’m going to make mistakes. I have used the pee pads, but go outside as well. Routine will be a major factor for me at my age.

If my new parent(s) have one of those pooch pouch slings, I won’t complain, because I love being held and sitting in foster mom’s lap. This is when I do my best face cleaning. Your face that is. Foster mom hasn’t heard me in full bark mode yet. Even when the others are barking, I might just let out a little growl. Some household noises scare me a tiny bit, but brooms, those I hate. If you own one and you get me, in the trash it goes. I’m a hard player when it’s another pup my age and size. I’m more respectful of the older ones and can be more timid around them. I’m not as happy when there is a larger dog around, so can we keep my new home to just small ones please. Sometimes I can be brave and full of myself, at other times, it’s monkey see, monkey do… I’m the follower.

Foster mom grooms me and she says I am the best. I like to be pretty. The word mischief usually runs alongside the word puppy, so can you believe that I do not chew on cords or other things I’m not supposed to? Not saying it could not happen, but I’m more about toys, dogs and people than in things that don’t look like fun. Might can attribute this to the fact that I am very smart too. I have already learned to sit for treats. Yep, I like treats. My foster mom and I go in the car quite a bit and I do just fine in my car seat. I usually fall asleep.

I love all people and don’t meet a stranger. I love, love, love people wanting to cuddle me, hold me, kiss me, let me clean their face…. You get it? Sometimes if I get really excited and it’s been a while since I’ve gone, I tinkle a little. Don’t make fun. I also wiggle my whole butt and my tail when I’m excited, so that cuteness cancels out my mistake. And, I’m getting better with it. I’m just a baby!

I’m just starting out and already have so much to offer. So, you wanna hitch your wagon to this star? I’m gonna go far.

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