Lila Grace

a little about me



4/21/23 – My name is Lila Grace. A delicate name, for a delicate baby. My previous life wasn’t all that great. I was locked in cell like a prisoner. Then I was forced to have litter after litter after litter of babies to overpopulate the world with. As if there aren’t enough dogs to go around as it is. I would just lie in my cell saying prayers and dreaming of being somewhere safe, clean, quiet and loved. I was good mom every time I had to be. But don’t breeders understand that dogs like to experience puppyhood too, instead of being bred as a puppy to have puppies? Well, I know this doesn’t work out for all the breeding animals out there, but, my prayers and dream did come true. One day, I woke up, and I was being taken away from my cell, along with all the other dogs that lived on the grounds. We were brought to safety and this made me so happy.

The first step was to visit the doctor and have all the vetting done that I had never received. Then came some bad news. It seems I have juvenile cataracts. I was so sad when I heard the doctor and my foster mom talking about this, but these sweet people told me not to worry. Seems there are doggy doctors who specialize in just dogs eyes. I get to meet this doctor in person on May 5th, and if I am a candidate, I get to have surgery and then my cataracts will be gone. I never ever believed that all of this would happen, but God was looking out for me.

I’m still very humble and timid, but foster mom is showing my kindness, love and compassion and letting me learn the world and come out of my shell on my own terms. Since I grew up with other dogs around, I’ve never been used to being left alone. Having another dog around helps my fears and anxiety when my foster mom has to leave the house. Otherwise, I would whine and howl in fear. So, no condos, apartments or attached housing for me. My bark is way too shrill she says.

My lack of vision was never a problem when I was caged, but now that I have freedom, it has caused a few disputes. Since I cannot see well, I react if someone gets too close or if I explore and bump into another dog. I just know that once the doctor does his magic, all this will be another prayer answered.

I sleep in the bed with foster mom and some other fur-siblings. I never imagined that this was even a thing. Dogs and humans living under the same roof, sleeping in the same bed, getting regular baths, being feed twice daily (yes, I said it twice). Heck, I’ve even learned how to climb the doggy stairs or jump on the bench to get into bed.

I’ve watched some of the other dogs play with toys and I truly think that once I am more comfortable, I might wind up playing with one of my fur-siblings and possibly toys. Foster mom said that I am a good girl and will potty outside when taken and will even use puppy pads when inside. I will make mistakes though, but she said it’s ok, that’s what humans are for, to clean up after us. Wow, that is definitely not how it was where I came from. I can be very springy when waiting for foster mom to fix our food.

I’m still getting used to noises and quick actions. They put me on high alert. I wasn’t great for my first official grooming. I’m sure this will get better. When you have never been through that, it can be kind of scary. Once I learn to trust and get this done more, I’m sure I will enjoy getting pretty. Children are a definite no-no. I’m way to untrusting for the little tots.

I am very clingy to my people. I just love this positive attention. Sometimes I’m pushy with it, but it’s just because I LOVE IT SO MUCH. I could be held and petted 24/7 if that is something that you would like to do. Foster mom says that I don’t really have any bad habits and have the sweetest disposition.

Well, this is about it for telling you about myself. Now, I’d like to thank my foster mom, Yorkie Haven Rescue, CAAWS (another local group that helped spring me and my friends), and most of all, God. The power of prayer is just the best.

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