a little about me

Hi, my name is Mia! I know, I know, I am a beautiful dog. Angelic face, which makes me seem softer somehow, like a dog you can trust with your secrets. Well, do not be fooled. Yes, I am a great listener. But inside this adorable black, silver and tan package exists tons – indeed, whole square miles – of naughty.
It’s true: I am a handful, but I have the potential to be AWESOME in the correct environment with the correct owners.

I’m not one to lie, and I’m not going to sugar coat anything to try to get you to adopt me. I am one that needs the correct home. I will not fit in just anywhere. I think that’s what makes me so special. Some of these dogs can go to just about any home. NOT ME, I’m looking for the best, a home that will deeply understand what I’ve been through and realize that my past experiences are the reason for my present shortcomings, lack of obedience and anxiety.

I was found as a stray and adopted by a lady and I thought that was where I would live forever, but she became sick, so I had to change homes again. In that home, my mom also got sick and her health declined which caused stress in the household. I had to go live with a family member for a little while so my dad could take care of my mom. So my dad reached out to rescue to see if they could help. So now I’m in a foster home. To be honest, none of the homes that I’ve been in were correct for me because of one reason or another, that’s why I’m trusting rescue because they seem to really do their homework and make the best fit possible. Kind of like match.com.

I’m going to start off by telling you my cons, and if you are still here after that, then you deserve my pros! Straight up, I’m not for the faint of heart, i.e., someone lacking the courage and confidence to face something difficult or dangerous. Now, without further delay… let’s get started.

I need to be the only animal in the home. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. I fly solo. I am not a happy camper co-existing with other four-leggers, and I have to have my human(s) all to myself. I don’t like cats or birds or any other animals and will chase them (thankfully, haven’t caught one), and while I have never put another dog in the vet ER, I have made it abundantly clear that I haven’t ruled that possibility out. Yes, I’m in a foster home now with other dogs, and I am anxious because of it and I am bullying them. So, for the sanity of all involved, let it just be you and I and things will be good. This little tid-bit of information is basically the stem to a lot of my problems. Living with other animals makes me obnoxious when I’m really just a baby that loves humans and wants ALL THEIR ATTENTION.

I absolutely love going for walks, and the exercise releases my endorphins and is just all-around good for the body and mind. Lest, don’t forget when taking me on a walk, to be the alpha and stay in control of me. I know other dogs are on walks too, and while I’m not really a bully to dogs that I just meet on the street, you showing me whose boss will keep everyone in check and able to finish their exercise.

Let’s talk about breakfast and dinner. I’m not one of those finicky little tykes that puts their nose in the air and wants something different to eat every day. Nope, put my bowl of kibble down and watch me go. To help with my anxiety and have me focus on food instead of things around me, foster mom was given the suggestion to use food toys to feed me, such as the balls you put kibble in or West Paw Toppl Tough Treat Dispensing Toy to freeze canned food in.

Next on my con list are toys. You guessed it, I DESTROY the stuffed toys and take out the squeaker and have no problem thinking I can swallow them. So, if you want a dog that you can buy those cute little squeaky toys for and video me playing, THINK AGAIN. Stuffing will be all over in about 3 minutes. That’s not saying I wouldn’t enjoy a peanut butter filled Toppl Tough Treat toy, or those bully breed-tough destructible toys with no stuffing that will give me a run for my money.

Can we talk about my running ability. I know that sounds like a pro, but in this sense, it is a con. If given the chance, I would dart out of an open door or take off after a critter if it comes in my path. So, I will need someone who is vigilant about holding onto me when opening the door for the pizza man and has a secure fenced yard.

Ugh, I hate to even touch on this subject, but we have to. I make potty mistakes! There, I said it. I have no opposable thumbs and cannot reach the doorknob, hence the mistakes. Yes, I’m sure I can be taught to ring the bells hanging from the door, or just walk over to the door and look at you, but let’s not forget I’m in a home with multiple dogs, and potty training isn’t something that is coming easy for me while I’m so overstimulated and out of my mind. I do think I’m smart enough to learn to go on pads or hold it longer, but not under the circumstances that I’m in. This is another reason I need to be the only dog…. so I can be peaceful and learn better habits.

Even though I’m pretty (PRO), it takes work to look this way (CON). I’m not a fan of baths and will try to get out of the tub. But that is small compared to how anxious I get at the groomer. Currently, I get some doggy tic tacs (calming medicine) when going to the groomer. I know that it will get a little better as I go more often, but let’s remember that I was running around stray and probably very rarely had a bath. It’ scary business.

I guess we must talk about health now. I’m currently taking anxiety medication to help with my anxiety, but look forward to the home that fits me so I might not have to take that any more. I’ve been told that I have an enlarged heart and a grade 3 heart murmur. Foster mom and I have an appointment to see the cardiologist on June 17th and then we will know more about my heart at that time and what, if anything, needs to be done. I’ve read that taking too many medications becomes an illness in and of itself. Let’s be honest, I don’t need any more problems.

Foster mom is really trying to help me and even called a doggy behaviorist. She gave us a lot of good homework and tips and said that I definitely would be better in a home as an only dog, but will still need an owner that takes charge and can help me worth through my anxiety. It may be a long road to get me through it and to the girl I am meant to be, but it will be worth it!

Whew, I never thought we would get to my pros, but here we go.

I’m cute and that’s a given. I have a nice smile and beautiful hair. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE all people and want attention from them. I will roll over for belly rubs from a complete stranger. I love to sit in my human’s lap, sleep in bed with them and I am a great cuddler. I don’t hog the covers and I’ve never been known to snore. I give great kisses and have never turned down a kiss from a human. I can jump on the sofa to sit and watch Hallmark movies with you and can also use the stairs to get up and down from the bed.

I will go in a crate if I need to when you are away. Even though I’m not potty trained, I’m listing me being complacent with a crate as a pro because it’s my bio and I’m doing the writing. If you bring me out enough, I’m really good about doing my business outside, that is if you don’t have stray cats running around, or a bird feeder. If you do, then my attention is straight up hunter. Again, I’m still considering this a pro.

I’m not a huge barker, even though my current foster mom would care to debate this. I mainly bark here because of the other animals and when my anxiety escalates, it might sound like a scream. There’s no harm in belting out a little Ozzy Osbourne every now and then. Oh, and if I want your attention, I might let out the most adorable howl. Tee hee! No autographs please.

I know this was a lot to take in, but if you made it to the end of my bio, we just might be soul mates. And, not to toot my own horn, but I could have easily lied to you and made myself seem like a dream, but I’m a full disclosure kind of gal who is looking for my LAST home and owner. Please re-read if you have to and only apply if you are serious about me. I cannot take any more fails in life.

I know I’m a little rough around the edges. Actually, I can be a jerk, but my foster mom and I believe in me and my ability to be a great companion. I’m not expecting to receive 50 great applications, but I just know there is someone out there for everyone, and I’m no exception.

So, if you love a challenge, and are looking for a dog that, isn’t quite 100% right now, but can learn to be 100% in the right environment, go on, take the plunge, fill out that application and make my life!

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