a little about me

Pacino is a sweetheart of a guy. He definitely doesn’t act, look or feel his age… he seems more like 7. He is a bigger, longer bodied boy, but still small enough to pick up and love. Pacino loves giving kisses and is very in tune with his people.

We have just noticed a growth on Pacino’s leg and will be getting it checked out and removed soon, along with a tiny sty on the inside of his bottom eyelid. Since his bladder stone surgery, he eats a prescription diet. If there are other pups in the home, Pacino would need to be separated during meals as he is food aggressive with other dogs. He is fine with them at all other times, so could co-exist if necessary.

Pacino would be a great addition to a laid back home with or without dogs where he can be loved and give love!

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