a little about me

2/1/24 – Picture it, living with your owner that loves you and you love her, eating well, sleeping with her, getting all the love and attention. Things could not be better! Fast forward some years, owner passes and as devastated as I was to lose her, my grieving had to be put on hold since her family did not plan on keeping me or even finding me a new home. They opened the door, and out I went. I wandered around the neighborhood for a little while until some nice soul picked me up and brought me home. He had another dog and he quickly decided that two was too much for him to handle. He asked around his neighborhood and a sweet lady took me in. She never intended on keeping me permanently, but weeks turned to months and months turned to a couple years. She has alot on her plate right now with her mom and even though she tries, she is not able to be the mom and owner that I need. So while I am thankful for everyone that scooped me up off the street and gave me a place to stay, I am now in the market for my last home that will match what I need. If you are in the market for a Yorkie, I hope you know that we are not shy and always know what we want, so let me tell you what that is.

Since I’m getting older, my eyesight and hearing aren’t quite what they used to be. But hey, don’t judge, everyone ages. I’m a happy little guy that would love to have my own person. I don’t want an active, loud or chaotic household. Since I’m older, when I fall asleep, which can be anywhere, I sleep hard, so it I’m startled awake, I snap when I wake up. Just understand that it is scary for me and be gentle if you need to awaken me please.

I do have a voice and am not afraid to use it, so no apartments, or any attached housing. Wouldn’t want to be the reason you are kicked out of your home. Lol I would really love someone that is up in age like myself and retired and can stay home with me a lot. I’m a 100% type guy. I’m all in and want an owner who can be all in. I’m an early riser and will bark to let you know I need to go out and want my breakfast. I tend to be food aggressive, but the way I see it, fix my food, put it down, and go do your thing. You can pick up the bowl after I’m finished and have walked off.

I love going for walks because it keeps me in shape and I can keep up with whose been in my neighborhood. I am friendly when we meet up with people, and other animals on the walks, but I tend to be protective of my house. So, when people come visit, I bark for a while. I’m a very sweet dog that can sometimes act dominate to try to be #1. So I would probably do best as an only dog with a stronger owner. Sometimes I think I am an Australian Cattle Dog because I will try to herd my people by nipping at their feet. Hence, the need for a strong, in charge owner that knows how to love me, but keep me in line. When foster mom needs to get me in check, she need only show me the fly swatter (she’s never used it though) and I straighten up my attitude toot sweet.

I’m not too much into cuddling, but I will sit at your feet and let you rub me with your feet ALL DAY LONG! I love it! I also like belly rubs if you don’t mind getting on the floor on my level. I am very treat motivated if you want to really teach me some things. Now, I know when I change homes, I will have to get acclimated and may have some mistakes, but I truly haven’t used the bathroom in foster mom’s house. But, she does bring me out a lot. So, you will have to do your part.

Well, I guess that’s all I have for now. If you have any questions, just email foster mom, sand if you are interested, fill out an application. Let’s see if you can be my Valentine, for the rest of my life!

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