The Specialty Coffee Associations Bringing Back Coffee Retail Summit With Focus on Europe

Specialty Coffee Associations | The SCA is a trade association that is built on the principles of inclusivity, the power of sharing important knowledge, and a culture of openness. It has been built with the intention of promoting a sense of community in the global coffee market. The intention of the SCA is to create and promote activities that make it easier, more sustainable, and equitable to make coffee.

The membership for the SCA can include everyone from a coffee farmer to a roaster or barista. This makes sure that every member of the coffee production chain is a part of the organization acting as a global hub where the entire coffee industry can come together to share ideas and innovation and contribute their share. Being a part of the SCA allows you to work to improve the standards of coffee worldwide. Furthermore, it promotes a progressive approach towards coffee production and also strives to make collaborative efforts between different players of the industry.

The Specialty coffee association has a few core values. These include:

• Giving relevant value to every member. The SCA is a place where all members, regardless of their size or contribution, are all given the same amount of importance. Being a non-profit, the SCA makes sure that everyone has access to world-class education, events, and research.

• Creating a sustainable coffee industry. The way for the global coffee industry to grow is for it to create an environment where all participants can share the benefits of it. The SCA is responsible for making sure that all sorts of social issues surrounding coffee and its production are addressed. Furthermore, the SCA also makes many proactive efforts in order for there to be more focused attention on the things that need it.

The Coffee Retail Summit in 2022

We all love coffee. A cup in the morning to kick start our minds and a few more throughout the day to keep us going. Coffee is an integral part of our daily lives, and we want to make sure that we always have access to the best cup of brew we can find.

For development in the world of coffee, the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) held the Coffee Retail Summit (CRS) in 2021. This was an online summit that was held to tackle the challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic. For the latest installment in 2022, different topics are to be addressed. These include profiles of brands using new technology to deepen their in-person and digital relationships with customers, insights for companies considering international expansion, and different strategies that can be helped to build a much healthier culture in the workplace.

The first two installments of the CRS were held in 2021. This newer edition of the CRS has several new retailer-focused programs. These include different lectures, panel discussions, and presentations and will be carried out over three days, i.e., February 21, 23, and 25.

For these different events that are taking place, the speakers and their content has been made following the other markets that are all a part of this.

On the first day of the summit, i.e., 21 February, the summit will focus on the coffee market in Europe. On the second day of the summit, i.e., 23 February, the summit will focus on the coffee market in the USA. On the third day of the summit, i.e., 25 February, the summit will focus on the coffee market in Korea.

The best part of all of this is that anyone can attend the event, regardless of whether it corresponds with their need or not. They can either learn and interact with all the markets in play or head right towards the markets that are of the most interest to them.

It Is Free to Attend

Naturally, this sort of summit will attract a lot of people from all over the place. It is not every day that such a fantastic event takes place. To make it easier for everyone to attend, the summit has been made free-to-enter, thanks to the event’s sponsors.

Day one of the summit has been sponsored by BWT Global. Day two has been sponsored by Pacific Foods Barista Series. Finally, Nuova Simonelli is the lead sponsor for the summit, bringing their rich coffee machine heritage to the summit.

At this summit, attendees will be able to access a wide variety of live and pre-recorded discussions and lectures. According to the SCA’s website, this content will be aimed to ‘explore how the coffee retail businesses can use their position for learning, connection, and expression to adapt, grow, and overcome different obstacles.

“As we begin a new year full of promise and uncertainty, the SCA wishes to continue its work in supporting coffee retail businesses who are so vital to our communities, our cities, and the international coffee industry,” says SCA CEO Yannis Apostolopolous.

He goes on to say, “Coffee Retail Summit 2022 will of course address some of the challenges that lie ahead but will also provide vital information to those wishing to expand their businesses on an international scale.”

This very clearly shows the intention of the organizers of this conference. It is to create a place where people from the coffee industry and people who want to learn more about it all can come and have access to different resources.

For some, this might be recreational, but for others, it can be a helpful tool that can provide knowledge and value for them. For a producer or a retailer, events like these can be an insight into how different parts of the industry work. As someone involved, this can teach how to improve your business and add more value to your product.

Different Partners of the Conference

This summit would not have been possible if it wasn’t for the many different partners that came together to make it all happen.

Astoria: The Global Title Partner
Simonelli Group: Lead Sponsor
BWT Water: European Regional Sponsor:
Pacific Foods: United States Sponsor
Brewista. Baratza. Chemex: Supporting Sponsor.