7 Myths About the Siberian Husky

Siberian Huskies are lovely dogs that are sociable and friendly. They are amazing family dogs and also wonderful with kids. They aren’t great guard dogs and will welcome strangers into your home warmly. They do get bored easily, though, so you need to regularly exercise your Husky and keep it busy. They shed a lot, too, so you will have to clean up after your husky a lot. If you don’t mind doing that, Siberian Huskies are one of the best dog breeds to keep!


Let’s have a look at the most common 7 myths about the Siberian Husky.

1. Only an Original Siberian Husky Will Have Blue Eyes

This is a common myth about Siberia Huskies. The truth is that Huskies sometimes have a genetic condition that causes their irises to lose color. This makes their eyes appear blue. Usually, huskies are born with blue eyes, but their eye color darkens as they age. Their eye color can change into any shade such as green, brown, dark blue, or hazel. Sometimes huskies also have different colored irises. One eye may be brown, the other blue. But eye color does not determine whether the husky is purebred or not.

2. Huskies are Dangerous Dogs

The Siberian Husky is one of the least aggressive dog breeds. This is what makes them such great family dogs. A husky may become aggressive if it is abused or mistreated, as is the case with all dogs. But Siberian Huskies love being with a family and enjoy being around children. Obviously, if your husky is constantly poked by children and left unattended, its behavior can become rough, just like any other dog breed. This is why dogs should never be kept unattended around children. A husky is agreat playmate for a child and a wonderful addition to your family.

3. They Are Excellent Guard Dogs

This myth is far from the truth. Huskies may have an intimidating look that resembles a wolf, but in reality, they are friendly and sociable dogs. Huskies don’t have an aggressive nature. They are likely to welcome strangers and play with them. That’s why they make terrible guard dogs. If an Intruder was to enter your house, your husky would probably fetch its favorite toy as a way to start playing with the intruder.

4. They are Difficult to Train

Siberian Huskies have a carefree nature and love to play. They can act silly sometimes and are free spirits. That’s why it may seem that they are difficult to train. With positive reinforcements, a Siberian Husky can easily be trained. Huskies are intelligent dogs and can learn how to obey commands quickly. However, along with being smart, they can also be stubborn. You need to be patient and persevere with them. Don’t force it if your husky does not want to be trained one day. Start another day. With the right technique, you can teach your Husky anything.

Some people also think Huskies are stupid. This is not true, Sure they can be silly and daft sometimes, but they are an extremely intelligent breed. Siberian Huskies can also pick up on their owners’ emotional signals. This is why dog owners have such close bonds with their Huskies.

5. Huskies Cannot Live in Warm Climates

The Siberian Husky is indeed a breed that thrives in cold climates. The husky was originally bred to withstand Siberian winters. These winters were extremely harsh, with temperatures as low as -40 degrees Celcius. So the husky can survive cold winter easily with their dense, layered coat. But can they live in warm climates? The truth is that a Siberian Huskies coat is designed to protect it from cold weather as well as warm weather. So, Huskies can easily survive in warm climates as well. This is why you can find Huskies in many parts of Asia, such as India and Thailand. These dogs are also found in many parts of Europe and America, where temperatures are both cold and warm. However, a Husky’s activity level needs to be monitored in warm climates as they can overheat very easily. Also. Their double coats help them stay cool, so they should not be shaved in the summer.

6. Huskies are Part Wolf

This is a very common myth. Many people think the Siberian Husky is part wolf because it resembles a wolf. This myth is very far from reality! Even though Huskies resemble wolves in their coloring and markings, they are no closer to a wolf than a Labrador or Chihuahua.

There is also a big difference in the diets of wolves and huskies. Wolves are strictly carnivores and survive from the nutrition found in meat.

Huskies, like all other dogs, are omnivores and require the nutrition found in plants as well as meat. Even though hybrid dogs do exist, they are bred with wild wolves. Such dogs are very different from the typical Siberian Husky.

7. Huskies Aren’t Suitable for Apartment Life

Many people think Huskies should not be kept in apartments. They think Huskies can be vocal and start howling or barking if left alone. The truth is that Huskies can be kept anywhere as long as they get what they need. Huskies are high-energy dogs that need to be kept busy. They get bored very easily and need tasks to keep them occupied. They also dislike staying alone for a long time. If you are keeping your dog in an apartment, you need to take it out for exercise every day. Dog parks are great as dogs can run and burn off all their extra energy. At home, you need to keep your Husky mentally stimulated. You can do this with toys and treats. It does not matter where you keep your husky as long as they are well exercised and kept mentally occupied.