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We offer high-end designer product lines imported from countries all over the world and throughout the United States.  Our exclusive collection of the Dog Spa Products are available within our online shop.  Our Spa Products are free of Genetically Modified organisms and free of harsh chemicals.  We proudly produce them in the United States of America and are online now.

Providing awareness and support of adoption through all Dog Rescues, five percent of purchases online and at our boutique will be given to rescue organizations to support rescue efforts. All with the goal of finding a forever home for these sweet animals. Shop our PUCCI Online Boutique now and help support dog rescues with every purchase.

We sincerely thank you for your support.

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  • Rottweiler - PUCCI Cafe

    December 7, 2022

    Is the Rottweiler a Dangerous Breed?

    Lately, the Rottweiler breed has gained quite a negative reputation. Many consider the Rottweiler to be a dangerous and vicious dog. They are thought to attack strangers or even turn...

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  • Dog Breeds for Colder Regions

    December 5, 2022

    7 Dog Breeds for Colder Regions

    Living in the polar weather is not easy for anyone, let alone animals who cannot even properly convey their troubles. Those who reside in boreal regions know how difficult it...

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  • Siberian Husky - PUCCI Cafe

    December 2, 2022

    7 Myths About the Siberian Husky

    Siberian Huskies are lovely dogs that are sociable and friendly. They are amazing family dogs and also wonderful with kids. They aren’t great guard dogs and will welcome strangers into...

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Looking for a furry friend to add to the family? We have thousands of animals that would love to be part of your home. Either through adoption or foster opportunities. Take a look at these pups!

  • hi my name is Koko

    Yorkshire Terrier

    Female 8 Pounds 8 years old

    Meet Me

  • hi my name is Kia

    Yorkshire Terrier

    Male 6 pounds 2 years old

    Meet Me

  • hi my name is Webster

    Yorkshire Terrier

    Male 9.5 pounds 1 year old

    Meet Me

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