10 Signs Your Dog Is Annoyed At You

Just like your human friends, your dog friend can sometimes be annoyed at you. It could perhaps be something you did – maybe you didn’t give them the attention they wanted or forgot to feed them at the right time. However, the difference is that dogs have a very different way of communicating their annoyance as compared to humans. Here are 10 signs that your dog is annoyed at you.

1.  A smack on your leg or head

You may not have given too much attention to when your dog lightly smacked you on your leg on the side of your head. The truth is, your furry friend is annoyed or upset with you and wishes to tell you this.

The next time your pet smacks you, you should recognize this as a sign that they are upset with you and want you to acknowledge this.

2. Rolling his eyes at you

Your dog may sometimes roll his eyes at you when he is annoyed that you are unable to do something that he wants you to do. Let’s say your pup wants you to get him a treat, and you refuse to. Your pup may just roll his eyes at you to show his annoyance!

Remember, dogs can be just as smart as humans, and they can express themselves in ways that are similar to humans. So, if you ever notice your dog rolling its eyes, you now know the reason!

3. Walking away from you

This generally happens when your pup happens to get very comfortable with you. Once the pup considers you to be his best buddy, he may just act like it as well.

However, if you begin to lecture him about why he peed on the carpet, he might just walk away from you mid-lecture. This is his way of telling you that he doesn’t really care about your lecture and will do what he wants anyway.

4. Staring at you blankly

You may think that your pup stares at you with a blank expression because he is dumb and doesn’t understand as much as humans do; however, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Usually, when your dog gives you blank stares, he is expressing his disapproval of a particular action of yours.

5. The ‘side-eye’

Dogs generally communicate with their bodies, and this is also how they exhibit their emotions.

If you notice your pup giving you a side angle gaze, yawning too much, licking his lips, etc. he may be trying to convey that he is annoyed by something you did.

These symptoms also typically indicate that your pup is anxious. If that’s the case, you can try to calm him down by offering a snack, speaking to him calmly, or simply just giving him space. After all, we all need space sometimes!

6. Giving you less affection than usual

If your dog is generally all over you but is suddenly not, it’s likely that you’ve done something to annoy your pup.

A dog who is suddenly uncomfortable or annoyed will try his best not to acknowledge these feelings. As a result, the best way to tell that he is annoyed with you is through his actions toward you. Reduced affection in everyday life is a clear indication that your pup is annoyed at you.

If your pet’s behavior takes a sudden turn, you may just want to visit a vet.

7. Avoiding contact with you

Pets are generally very friendly. So if your pet suddenly starts avoiding you and finds any excuse to stay away from you, it is a clear indication that he is, for the moment, not too happy with you.

Avoiding contact with you may also just mean that your pet feels sick or is generally upset, so taking him to the vet can provide a better idea of just what is wrong with him.

8. Hiding under your bed or in the laundry

If your pup is hiding from you, it could mean one of two things. On the one hand, it could be an indication that he annoyed at you. But, on the other hand, it could simply mean that something else is bothering your pup; he is scared and wants you to know.

Hiding is a very common indicator of stress in dogs. If your dog continues to hide for extended periods of time, you may just want to find out what’s wrong by taking him to a vet.

9.  He has his ears flattened

The easiest way to tell whether or not your dog is angry at you is through his body language.

If you notice that your pup has flattened ears, this is a clear sign that he is annoyed. Other signs that he is annoyed include him tightening his lips, lowering his head, or closing his mouth.

Not to worry, though. Dogs are forgiving creatures, and perhaps even a scratch behind his ear is likely to soften him up.

10.  He is growling at you

A dog growling is an expression of his emotions. In fact, a growl is indicative of a range of emotions; generally, though, if your pup is growling at you, you should realize that it’s because he isn’t particularly happy with you.

If your furry friend is growling at you while you are making him do something, it’s clear that he doesn’t want you to, and you need to stop.

These 10 signs your dog is annoyed at you can be useful when it comes to interpreting your pup’s behavior and to help you communicate with him.

Taking him to a vet can better indicate what the problem at hand is, however. These signs can just be a guiding light for you.

by Bobby J Davidson || You can’t buy love, but you can rescue it™

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