7 Chihuahua Traits You Should Know Before Adopting a Chihuahua

The mischievous, energetic, and loving Chihuahuas are among the most domesticated dogs worldwide. Their ever-excited aura and undying love for their owner makes them so lovable. However, just like all other dog breeds, Chihuahuas also have human adversaries who find their I-am-so-lovable-pamper-me-please attitude uncalled for and a bit too sassy. While naysayers put the tiny dogs in a bad light, Chihuahua aficionados never tire of extolling the doe-eyed canines. One has to love the Chihuahua Traits.

No dog is inherently unlikeable; how a dog is received depends on people’s preferences. If someone wants to have a sidekick that literally stays by their side, does nothing and demands nothing, then they need to adopt a canine from the many lazy dog breeds, such as a miniature pinscher. For inactive and dull people, a Chihuahua as a pet is a doomed relationship that brings out the worst in the involved parties. If someone with such an experience talks about raising Chihuahuas traits, they are certainly not going to be all praise for the tiny doggies.

So our point is you cannot form an opinion about Chihuahuas’ traits based on other people’s points of view. Everyone is going to be biased, and their stories will be one-sided. Therefore, you should learn about the comical Chi-Chis yourself and then decide if you want to bring one home or not.

To help you get an idea of the personality of the bold and beautiful Chihuahuas, we are going to share with you seven traits that’ll help you decide whether you want to raise a Chi-Chi or not.

So here are the top seven Chihuahua traits.


Chihuahuas live to love and be loyal to their owners. They enjoy tailing their human parents and appreciate some (read: a lot of) lap time. If you are thinking about getting a Chihuahua, be prepared to deal with a clingy child who will want nothing more than to be tethered to your arm. You will have to shower your little chi in kisses and cuddles all the time.

Don’t get unnerved though, because if you are genuinely a dog person, you will naturally fall for your Chihuahua in less than a day, and then you’d want to give it all the love you possibly can. Chihuahuas are excellent at sweeping people off their feet with their big round eyes and ever-present cuteness.

Not too Welcoming

Although Chihuahuas are super friendly and love others wholeheartedly, they do need some time to warm up to people. They tend to be mistrustful of strangers and eye outsiders with the utmost attention. So you cannot expect your Chi-Chi to mingle with your friends during the first meeting. You’ll have to give your Chi-Chi companion a considerable amount of time to get used to their new environment.

Fast Learners

Although all dogs are intelligent beings, some are a little smarter than others. And Chihuahuas definitely fall into the former category. They are extremely intelligent and pick up things in an instant, especially if you employ creative ways of training. If you adopt a little Chihuahua, you will have to give a substantial amount of time to its physical fitness and activity.


Chihuahuas traits do possess a strong personality; they tend to do as they please and are hard to budge. With that said, they are not aggressive per se; instead, they coax their parents to get whatever they want.

Raising a Chi-Chi at times can be frustrating because you might find your patience running thin when you try to train your little fellow, and they won’t listen. In those moments, you need to stay strong and not let your irritation melt away by falling for your cute little child’s quirks.

Summer-loving fellas

Chihuahuas were bred in the warm Mexican state of Chihuahua (hence the name), they thrive in more temperate regions. If you live in an area that receives a lot of snow or is naturally colder, you might want to consider getting a dog well-suited for the cold climate. However, if you have hopelessly and irrevocably fallen in love with the adorable tiny canines but live in a cold place, you can still get a Chihuahua if you are willing to make special arrangements for your pet. You’ll have to buy lots of warm clothes for your Chi-Chi and keep it indoors in heated rooms most of the time. And when you have to take your little bud out, be sure to bundle them up in thick sweaters and beanies to keep them safe from the piercing gales.

Friendly (good for kids)

Chihuahuas are friendly dogs once they get comfortable with people. The friendly nature of the big-eyed dogs makes them ideal for homes with children. However, you need to teach the kids in your home to be gentle with their new friend because of their delicate body. Kids can get a little rough with dogs, but that can be harmful for Chihuahuas.

The Celebrity Dog

If you are someone who likes to follow the trends set by celebrities, then you have to get a Chihuahua. Why, you ask? Because Chihuahuas are known for their confident and sassy personality, which has landed them within the celebrity circles multiple times. The vivacious Marilyn Monroe had a Chi-Chi, so does the peppy Jamie Lee Curtis, the talented Ashton Kutcher, the charming Reese Witherspoon, the ever-so graceful Hillary Duff and also everyone’s teenage crush, Jennifer Love Hewitt.

And if you look at the pop industry, you will see many stars toting a Chihuahua around. Britney Spears owns two Chi-Chis that she has named Bit Bit and Lucky. Another megastar, Madonna, is mother to three Chihuahuas named Chiquita, Evita, and Rosita.

So if you like to keep up with the stars, then a Chihuahua has to be your pet.

Chihuahuas are energetic, quirky little fellows with prominent personalities. Adopting a chi is definitely a thrilling undertaking that adds a lot of color and adventure to a person’s life. If you want to add some (quite a lot of) excitement in your currently monotonous life, you should consider getting a Chi-Chi to turn it around.

by Bobby J Davidson || You can’t buy love, but you can rescue it™

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