German Shepherd: How to Take Care of these beautiful dogs

One of the most iconic breeds ever existed, the German Shepherd stands tall and proud as one of the most all-around breeds out there. Known for its distinctive black and brown coat, pointy ears, fierce loyalty, family-friendly nature, and extremely high intelligence, this breed is known worldwide.

The German Shepherd is an incredibly agile, large, and muscular breed of dog that is one of the finest all-purpose working breeds. It has made a reputation for itself by being confident, loyal, and courageous. The species is relatively low maintenance which has made it an ideal breed for beginner, amateur, and expert dog owners. A German Shepherd begins to demonstrate signs of immense confidence from a very young age.

This can be seen by their profound willingness to learn more and more all the time. A German Shepherd is one of the easiest breeds to teach a command because of how fast it learns. Furthermore, this breed is known to be an amazing family dog, showing incredible patience with children and an immovable protective instinct that cannot be questioned for a moment.

As easy as it may seem to keep a German Shepherd, there are still ways to ensure it is taken care of properly. You need to keep in mind certain things when raising it to make sure it is happy, healthy, and not in any pain or discomfort.

Taking care of their health

Taking care of a German Shepherd’s health is relatively easy. The breed is naturally active, which removes the added load of making sure the animal is exercised. Some of the most common ailments they can develop are degenerative myelopathy or hip and elbow dysplasia. If not fed the right diet, German Shepherds tend to experience bloating and swelling around the abdomen, which can be life-threatening for them at times.

They Need Exercise

Being an incredibly active breed, the German Shepherd needs a lot of physical exercise to stay healthy. Regular exercise is important for the German Shepherd’s mental and physical well-being.

When German Shepherds are kept in an environment where they are not allowed to freely exercise, the chances of them developing further behavioral problems rise, and they sometimes end up getting frustrated because they have all of this energy but nowhere to use it.

A good way to make sure this isn’t the case is to make dogwalks part of your routine. The dog needs to be walked daily from a young age, even if it’s just for short periods. Couple this with controlled play sessions, and you will have a dog that will be in good shape.

If you are walking in a public place like a street or park, make sure you always keep your German Shepherd on a leash. Regardless of how intelligent or well trained it may be, it is still an animal at the end of the day, and as an owner, you must always keep this in mind. For your safety and that of other people and animals around you, never walk your dog without a leash.

As a German Shepherd owner, make sure you engage your dog in herding, agility, and tracking activities. These are activities that the dog’s ancestors have been doing for generations which makes these activities their natural calling.

Nutrition  for your dog

As a breed that requires a lot of physical activity, you need to feed it the right way. With the intensity with which this breed is known to burn its energy, its diet needs to be healthy and rich with all the nutrients it requires.

A German Shepherd can be fed dry and wet food. It can eat different types of biscuits and a variety of meats, eggs, and other ground vegetables that provides it with the nutrition it needs.

If you want to be right on top of what your dog eats, you can also opt for a raw feed diet that consists of different ingredients that are good for them. Furthermore, you can also cook their food on your own to ensure they don’t eat anything bad for them.

Training your German Shepherd

The German Shepherd is a breed that can very easily learn commands. These commands could be simple or complex, and they wouldn’t have any trouble getting the hang of them as soon as possible.

Your German Shepherd must be trained to socialize properly from a young age. Furthermore, it must be trained in obedience to be a well-behaved dog that isn’t troubling to take care of when they grow up. Usually, training shouldn’t be an issue for a German Shepherd because the breed is naturally intelligent. It is naturally capable of doing a lot on its while also being an extraordinary worker.

The best way to train your dog is to ensure a reward follows each command. Please make sure you prepare the dog consistently to be reminded of the orders you have constantly taught them.

This will improve their overall behavior and strengthen your bond.

When there is a strong bond between the two, it will help them live their lives much better because companionship from a dog is unlike anything else. It is a bond that is true and pure with no ulterior motives. There is nothing that an animal wants more than for you to give it love, care, and attention.


A German Shepherd sits at the top of the canine hierarchy. Few breeds come close to what the German Shepherd is in terms of the overall package. Loyalty, confidence, courage, and intelligence define the species that has cemented itself as canine royalty.

The breed can be a steadfast guardian and a great family pet. It will protect you and your home while being more than ready to play a round of fetch with you.