5 Dog Movies that Will Make You Love Your Pet Even More

Who doesn’t love a good dog movie? Probably no one. But if someone is a dog parent, then they are bound to appreciate dog films a little more than the regular viewer. Although no law forbids you from loving movies on dogs, if you are not a canine owner, you are free to enjoy canine films as much as you want. But if you own a dog, you naturally begin to like dog movies a little more because you are able to relate with the characters on screen. Considering the love pet owners have for canine film, we decided to put together a list of best dog films so that you can catch up on them if you haven’t already.

Here are the 5 top dog movies that will make you love your pet even more.

Marley and Me (2008)

The hilarious, but also heart-wrenching tale of a couple that adopts a dog to test if they are ready to have a family is beautifully showcased in the 2008 dramedy Marley and Me. The film is based on a memoir by John Grogan of the same name.

Marley and me stars Jennifer Anniston and Owen Wilson as lead characters who play the role of Jenny and John Grogan, respectively.

Jenny and John move to a new city to start their life as a married couple. Soon jenny starts thinking about having a family. The couple decides to adopt a Labrador retriever instead, to test the waters and see if they can raise a child. John names the dog Marley after the singer Bob Marley.

Marley turns the life of Grogans upside down by being utterly mischievous and out of control. But as time passes, John and jenny grow fond of their pet and remain by its side till the very end.

Marley and Me is an emotional roller-coaster. If you want to have a good laugh and maybe shed a few (read: quite a lot) tears, then stream it on the coming weekend. It’s a family movie so you can freely watch it with your kids as well.

A Dog’s Journey (2017)

Based on W. Bruce Cameron’s novel of the same name, a dog’s journey is one of the most soul-stirring dog films you’ll ever see. It follows a dog’s journey through four lifetimes as different canines.

Bailey, a feral German Shepherd/Terrier mix puppy, begins to wonder its purpose in life but is soon killed without finding an answer. It is reincarnated as a golden retriever and adopted by a boy named Ethan. The two bond quickly and soon become inseparable. Bailey stays with Ethan until the latter goes to college. After Ethan’s departure, Bailey starts living with the former’s grandparents. Soon Bailey’s health begins to deteriorate, and after a while, it is euthanized.

Sometime later, Bailey is reborn again as a German shepherd who ends up working with the police. After dying as a police dog, Bailey is born again as a corgi puppy who is later adopted and named Tino.

When Tino dies, Bailey is reincarnated as a St. Bernard/Australian German shepherd mix puppy named Waffles. After overcoming a bunch of obstacles and facing mistreatment for many years, Bailey (as Waffles) reunites with its first owner Ethan.

A dog’s journey is a beautiful story and is sure to make you love your dog a LOT more.

Dog Days (2018)

If you want a break from all the emotions, then this 2018 rom-com is the perfect film for you. Dog Days tells the story of a bunch of dog owners who end up crossing paths, thanks to their pooches.

Starring Nina Dobrev, Vanessa Hudgens, and Eve Longoria as the main characters, dog days is based on the lives of Elizabeth, a news anchor, Tara, a barista, Grace, a housewife and Amelia, a teenage girl who is adopted by Grace and her husband. The film gets super interesting when the furry friends of the leading ladies bring them together.

Lassie (2005)

The 2005 drama film, Lassie, will surely tug on your heartstrings and make you want to hold your pup a little closer. Lassie follows the story of a collie dog named Lassie, who is sold by its owners due to financial constraints to a wealthy duke. But the loyal collie keeps coming back to the previous owners, Sam and his son Joe, despite getting beat up for it by the Duke’s servant Hynes. Eventually, Lassie runs away from the Duke to live with Sam and Joe. But the arduous journey to its old family takes a toll on Lassie’s health, and it comes quite close to dying.

Hynes spots Lassie with Joe and takes them both to the Duke in hopes of getting a reward for bringing back the dog. But the Duke refuses to accept the dog as Lassie and instead fires his servant. After dismissing Hynes, the Duke offers his job and house to Sam. And this way, Sam and Joe finally get to live with Lassie forever.

Show Dogs (2018)

Another fun-filled dog adventure film that’s worthy of going on your weekend binge-watch list is Show Dogs. The 2018 buddy comedy film will surely give you a hefty dose of laughter.

Show Dogs follows the life of a Rottweiler police dog named Max, who helps an FBI agent, Frank, rescue a giant baby panda from animal smugglers. Max goes undercover as a show dog to gather information about the whereabouts of the notorious smugglers and then relays it to Frank. Initially hesitant to work together, the comical duo ultimately ends up bonding and saving the panda successfully.

Being a dog owner makes you appreciate the quirks of every other canine a lot more, which is why you will surely have a grand old time watching all these dog movies. Don’t forget to grab a tub of popcorn for yourself and some yummy dog treats for your fur baby when you watch our recommended canine films. And be prepared to feel the overwhelming urge to shower your fur child with hugs and kisses after watching!

by Maria A Davidson  || You can’t buy love, but you can rescue it™

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