Must-Have Dog Accessories

With the number of dogs that comes through PUCCI Café, we understand different dogs like different things. Each dog has its own personality and certain toys and accessories he/she likes best. PUCCI offers many kinds of toys and accessories for every type of pup. Keep reading to learn more about the various must-have dog accessories available at PUCCI.

Dog Accessory Essentials



Everyone knows how much dogs love going on walks around the neighborhood or park, and a leash is the best piece of equipment to keep them safe on their adventures. Nowadays, many stylish varieties are available for purchase, depending on your style.


Most dogs typically wear collars most of the time—you can almost think of this as their daily outfit. A new collar can make a big difference in keeping your dog looking stylish.


Your dog can never have enough toys. Even after they play with their favorite toy for hours, anything new or interesting can grab their attention right away. Our toys can keep your dog occupied for hours.


No one likes eating off a dirty dish, so why should your dog? Today, dog bowls come in all shapes, colors, and sizes and even incorporate technology to make your life easier. This must-have dog accessory is perfect for every household.

Grooming Supplies

A fresh-smelling dog with a shiny coat is a healthy dog. If your dog loves to roll around in mud, then grooming supplies are essential to making sure your dog’s fur, hair, and skin stay healthy and clean.

Luckily for you, PUCCI Café is here to supply you with all the accessories you and your pup could ever want. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our must-have dog accessories, get in touch with us—we can help.