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12/29/23 – Nora had her check up with Dr. VanBrunt on 12/27/23 and he said that she healed better than he anticipated. Since she is such a fearful baby, she shut down badly after the surgery and the cone on her head had her scared to death. She quit eating and drinking completely and her foster mom had to give her Pedialyte every two hours so she wouldn’t dehydrate. Now that the stitches and cone are gone, she is crazy happy. Running around happy like they have never seen her do before. She is so happy to finally have those eyelashes out of her eyes.

12/12/23 – Nora is out of surgery and the doctor said it went well.  Her foster mom is picking her up at 2:30.


12/4/23 – Nora saw the eye specialist today and what she has is called Medial Canthal Trichiasis in both eyes. In layman’s terms, it is simply the act of a dog’s eyelashes or facial hair growing inward towards the eye rather than up and outward which is the direction that they should grow. This condition can be painful and cause discomfort and inflammation of the eyes. The good news is she is scheduled for surgery next Tuesday, December 12th to correct this. The estimate for the surgery and all go home eye medicine is $1,613.42. This will be an early Christmas present for sweet Nora.

She also has Iris Atrophy in both eyes. This is when the muscles of the iris shrink, making it harder for a dog’s eyes to adjust to bright lights. There is not treatment for this. So, Nora’s foster mom took matters into her own hands. Check out her new pictures we just posted with her new sunglasses. Doesn’t she look marvelous. So chic, so trendy.

This baby is ready for her surgery so those darn eyelashes can quit scratching at her eyeballs and making them irritated and inflamed. As for the Iris Atrophy, we are just going to have to handle that with her fashionable sunglasses. Bring on the sun!

Please everyone, calendar next Tuesday to say a little prayer for Nora as she has her surgery to start a new life.

Nora is a Shih-tzu. She has entropion on both bottom lids and iris atrophy in both eyes. She has an appointment on 12/4/23 with the specialist to evaluate and schedule surgery to correct the entropion.

11/28/23 – Sweet little Nora’s previous life was nothing more than to make money for awful, selfish, lazy humans. She was bred time after time to have babies to sell. Kept in a cage with little to no human interaction and when there was interaction, it was negative. So, naturally, she is very scare around new people and places. It has taken her a very long time to even trust her foster parents, but is enjoying the freedom at her foster home. The one thing that she loves is other dogs that like to play. She trusts them whole heartedly and that is where her personality shines. Anything new or even when going outside to potty, she goes to the furthest part of the yard and sits in the corner.

Needless to say, potty training is very slow. She was used to just going where she lived, so mistakes are many right now. She can also be a little destructive with chewing. Not sure what that is from, but her foster parents are working with her on this along with everything else. She sleeps in bed with her foster parents and absolutely loves it. There are so many things that this baby has never experienced. She will see the eye specialist on 12/4/23. Hopefully she will be a candidate and surgery will help her feel more comfortable.

We aren’t going to lie, We aren’t going to lie, Nora has been through a lot mentally and physically which has made her numb. So, the new home for her needs to be able to a quiet one. She needs someone who will understand and take it very slow with her. A home with no children, but definitely some playful dogs her size. She’s been through a lot and now we need her to be spoiled and made to forget her first years. Not all humans are bad Nora. And, we will make sure your next home is perfect.

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