Webster AKA Dennis the Menace

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5/23/22 – Webster is an adorable young and active pup. During his first year of life he did not have a lot of socialization with other pups and people, but is learning how to trust and understand everyone in his foster home. He has started to want to play with the other pups in his foster home; but unfortunately, they are older and not interested in playing with a young pup so they bark at him and he barks back at them. He has started getting up on furniture and sleeps in bed with his foster parents, although he can be up and down during the night sometimes and uses the doggy stairs with ease.

He is not house trained and needs some work in that area. He will sometimes potty outside, but will do both jobs in the house too. He does not do well riding in the car either. On someone’s lap he is all over the place and he does NOT like crates. His foster parents are going to try a doggy car seat and see if that works any better. Webster’s previous parents told us that when he was young he went to play with the crate door and it came back and hit him and ever since he has hated crate doors. In his previous home he would go in a crate that did not have a door on it. His foster home had to remove the metal crates with attached doors because he would not leave them alone and was pulling out and chewing up blankets inside of them. He will literally bite the crate door and pull on it.

He will need work to understand they are not bad and trust a crate door again. Webster is still all puppy and will need a family with patience and understanding to help Webster learn and grow. Webster loves to be told he is a good boy and will lay and sleep on your lap. He gives kisses and is a great eater. Webster just needs time, patience, and understand to learn to trust and understand his surroundings and he will make a great companion for anyone. He would probably do great with another young pup his size that loves to play and run around now that he is wanting to do that with other pups in his foster home.

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