Artisan Kamsa Dog Collar


If you are looking for products for your pet that are sustainable and have an ethnic and handmade touch, this is the perfect collection for you. Dog collars made by the Kamëntšá indigenous people who live in the Sibundoy Valley, Colombia. These pieces are hand-woven by indigenous artisans in wool chumbes, embroidered with chakiras, and reinforced in 100% natural leather with zamak hardware to guarantee their resistance. The designs include millenary symbols inspired by the ancestral culture of the Kamëntšá ethnic group. The birds’ nest, the eye of God, water, among other symbols that express their way of seeing and interpreting the world in their natural environment. This collection connects you with the magical world through Andean ethnic art that writes a story and weaves thoughts. Your dog, brings you closer to the physical body and your cat connects you to the spiritual body healing your soul and understanding that you are One with all of nature. Collection created in collaboration with Soy Tribu by Veronica Huertas.

Our pieces are handmade with leatherwork techniques that guarantee excellent quality. They do not produce allergies and are perfect for the comfort and safety of your pet. The width of the collars is: XS – 1.5 cm; S – 2.5 cm; M – 2.5 cm; L – 2.5 cm; XL – 2.5 cm. To know the length and the right size you should check the size guide.

NOTE: Designs vary in color and pattern.

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