Salmon – Lilac Dog Leather Collar


Our PASTLY collection collars are luxury accessories made of 100% chrome-free natural leather with water-based dyes (mitigating pollution) and heavy-duty zamac metal hardware for the latest fashion bark. Made with unique designs that will give your faithful friend an exceptional style, and will lead you to live experiences of compliments and compliments to you and your pet. Besides being the most fashionable, they have an excellent quality thanks to their materials and handcrafted manufacturing technique that guarantee durability and comfort.
Dog collars made of 100% chrome-free leather with water-based dyes (to mitigate contamination) and zamak hardware (zinc, aluminum, copper and magnesium) to ensure strength and durability. Our accessories are handmade with leatherworking techniques that guarantee excellent quality. They do not produce allergies and are perfect for the comfort and safety of your pet. The width of the collars is: XS – 2 cm; S – 2 cm; M – 2.5 cm; L – 2.5 cm; XL – 2.5 cm. To know the length and the right size you should check the size guide.


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