The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Your Dog

The holiday season is all about spreading joy and making memories. People all around the world make the most of this festive time by buying gifts for their loved ones in the spirit of Christmas. Be it a child or an elderly; everyone looks forward to their presents on Christmas morning. Pets, on the other hand, generally do not share our excitement and anticipation for Christmas, but that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve a present.

Every family member, human, or animal should get a gift for the holiday season. If your dog buddy-or any other pet doesn’t understand the essence of Christmas, naturally, you can help them realize it by showering them with gifts, hugs, and lots of kisses. Of course, they still will not figure out the occasion or the date to wait for it the next year, but surely they will thoroughly enjoy being part of all the fun. Hence, you should add your snuggle monster’s name to your list of loved ones who’ll be getting a present this holiday season.

But if you are not sure what to get your fluff bud, you can take inspiration from our ultimate holiday gift guide for your dog.
Here is a list of the most suitable presents for humans’ four-legged best friend.

A Cozy Dog Bed

The holiday season means chilly winds and icy-cold outdoors. This means a warm and cozy gift will be ideal for your fur child. And when it comes to presents that provide comfort, what is better than a plush bed for your dog to lay in and stay warm all day. If you want to show your little fellow how much you love them, you should consider giving them a dreamy bed to help them beat the coldness and discomfort of the holiday season.

Pretty and Practical Storage Bags

If your cuddle buddy is an energetic ball of fur, then they must have unlimited toys, which you are most likely to find littered all over your home. To make your life a little easier while keeping your pup’s toys in its reach, consider buying cloth storage bags. They will allow you to keep all your dog items stacked in one place, keeping your home a bit cleaner than usual. Having plastic pouches instead of plastic buckets to store dog toys is also beneficial for your favorite fur child as they wouldn’t get hurt trying to retrieve their make-belief bone or any other such instrument from the container.

Plus, bags made out of cloth can have appealing patterns, which might be a lot more engaging for your dog than you realize.

The Perfect Fragrance

Many dog parents complain about the odor that wafts from their fur child within just a few hours after a bathing session. If you also face the same issue, then perhaps a dog scent will be the best gift for your fluff buddy.

A Paw Pendant

Nothing says ‘you mean the world to me’ as a necklace does. But most people don’t consider pendants a suitable gift for dogs. On the contrary, a necklace with a paw pendant is the perfect present for a canine for many reasons. Firstly. It looks super attractive on a dog’s neck. Secondly, you can use a necklace to hang your fur child’s details, keeping them safe and reachable at all times.

If you want something precious for your precious baby, you should definitely get a paw necklace for them. And if not that, then consider getting a bone-shaped pendant for your favorite bud.

A New Collar

Whenever anyone thinks about dog accessories, the first thing that comes to mind is a collar. So naturally, a collar makes another exceptional gift for canines. It’s not just an aesthetic (if you are tasteful enough) present but also a practical one. If you are willing to spend enough money on a collar, then you can get the most charming piece for your fluffy baby. Look into the most precious jewel for your canine-companion this coming Christmas, especially if you haven’t renewed your dog’s collar in a while.

A Pillow Cushion

Do you like to keep your puppy close by when enjoying a movie night with the rest of the family? If so, then you should invest in a fluffy pillow cushion for your fur child so that they can lie close to you while everyone has their eyes glued on the screen.
And no, a bed won’t do the trick because moving it around will cause unnecessary hassle. But with a fluffy pillow, you can easily move it and place it wherever you want.

Another Puppy

Every creature yearns for companionship, so the absolute best gift for your pup might be another pooch. Be it male or female, being around canines is comforting for every pet dog as it stays around humans most of the time. Therefore, you should adopt another puppy to expand your pet family and provide companionship to your fur child.

A Convenient and Portable Dog Crate

Dogs love to travel around with their parents. But as a parent, that can be difficult if you do not have a secure crate to lock your pup in while you steer the wheels. Buying a high-quality, comfortable, and safe dog crate for your best bud might be the best present for them if they love spending time with you. With a new and top-notch carrier, you will be able to carry your furry pal everywhere you go or even put them in it at home.

A Spill-Proof Double Feeder

If your cuddle baby tends to spill their food while eating because their bowl is nothing but a round container, then you need to get a spill-proof double feeder for them. It’s a durable gift that comes with a base plate that holds two bowls, securing all the errant crumbs that might fall over!

Be it getting gifts on Christmas or having a hearty meal on Thanksgiving, your dog should be a part of all your family traditions. So, what do you plan on buying for your little ball of fur this holiday season?

by Maria A Davidson || You can’t buy love, but you can rescue it™

Facts About Animal Homelessness:

  1. Only 1 out of every 10 dogs born will find a permanent home.
  2. The main reasons animals are in shelters: owners give them up, or animal control finds them on the street.
  3. Each year, approximately 2.7 million dogs and cats are killed every year because shelters are too full and there aren’t enough adoptive homes. Act as a publicist for your local shelter so pets can find homes. Sign up for Shelter Pet PR.
  4. Approximately 7.6 million companion animals enter animal shelters nationwide every year. Of those, approximately 3.9 million are dogs and 3.4 million are cats.
  5. According to the National Council on Pet Population Study and Policy (NCPPSP), less than 2% of cats and only 15 to 20% of dogs are returned to their owners.
  6. 25% of dogs that enter local shelters are purebred.
  7. About twice as many animals enter shelters as strays compared to the number that are relinquished by their owners.
  8. It’s impossible to determine how many stray dogs and cats live in the United States. Estimates for cats alone range up to 70 million.
  9. Only 10% of the animals received by shelters have been spayed or neutered. Overpopulation, due to owners letting their pets accidentally or intentionally reproduce, sees millions of these “excess” animals killed annually.
  10. Many strays are lost pets that were not kept properly indoors or provided with identification.
  11. According to The Humane Society, there are about 3,500 brick-and-mortar animal shelters in the US and 10,000 rescue groups and animal sanctuaries in North America.

Here are a some adoptions for consideration: