The Vacuum-Sealed NoAir Coffee Brewer Is Pumped and Ready

There was a time when there was probably one way to make coffee. However, as time passed and technology advanced, new ways to make coffee emerged. It became more accessible for people to make different types of coffee in their homes, which was how they enjoyed it at a cafe. As time has passed, there are now more variations of coffee than ever before. According to some estimates, there are almost 800 different flavor compounds out there to work with.

Modern coffee machines, regardless of size, can do a lot more than simply brew your favorite cup of coffee. They can prepare different drinks, i.e., espresso, cappuccino, frappes, etc. You can even make hot or cold coffee depending on what type of machine you have. There are also many ways to manually brew a cup of coffee if that is something you enjoy.

The art of making coffee has become so incredibly convenient and advanced that you can now brew a proper cup of coffee even when you are on the go. One of these offerings is a brewing device called NoAir. It is a novel brewing device that was first launched on Kickstarter. It was such a hit that it was able to gather 2845 preorders. This will be the first production run of the NoAir coffee brewer.

Using this innovative device, you will be able to make yourself a coffee from all over the world. Using its unique technology, you will be able to enjoy your coffee without worrying about whether or not it is going to make you feel good or not.

No Air Coffee

How does it work?

NoAir Pump And Stop System

The NoAir coffee brewer is a wine bottle-shaped brewer built with a pump and stopper system. This pump and stopper system works similarly to a vacuum pump used to open a bottle of wine. A vacuum pump pulls the oxygen out of the wine bottle. A pump and stopper system removes the oxygen and the carbon dioxide released when coffee is mixed in hot water.

Using this system, the NoAir coffee brewer can adequately extract all the aromas and flavors from the coffee. Furthermore, removing the CO2 from the coffee prevents the formation of carbonic acid-forming in the stomach, which could lead to pain and discomfort.

The device creates a vacuum to build pressure inside the container. This will enable the CO2 in the container to be released. The design of the container will create a path for the CO2 to leave easily by passing through the brewing water. The CO2 will then make its way into the Triton top section that will double as a vacuum chamber. In the next pump cycle, this CO2 will exit the container.

How It Works

The Process

On the outside, the NoAir has a dual-walled stainless steel structure. Inside, there is a mesh made of stainless steel with a 200-micron fineness placed on top of the coffee. Next, a Tritan plastic upper portion is finely threaded to seal the container using a silicone gasket.

To make the coffee, hot water is poured in using a funnel. This funnel is immediately sealed shut using the stopper. As the water and coffee mix with each other, CO2 is released. Pump the stopper a few times, and the CO2 will immediately leave the mixture. This will create a vacuum inside the container, which will show in the form of a foam that NoAir calls ‘super bloom.’ As the user continues to pump, the gas will leave through the stopper valve on the brewer.

The Best Way To Do It

To get this to work in the best way possible, the recommendation is to do it in three different cycles with 6-8 pumps each. For ideal results, you should wait 30 seconds between each cycle where you do this.

If you follow the process as it should be done, you will be able to make a cup of coffee within 2-and-a-half minutes. It could go a little over or under this, but this is an ideal time that you must keep in mind when using it. When you remove the stopper, you will hear a slight hiss to know if things are going right. This hiss is the sound of the gas releasing and the pressure inside the container matching the atmospheric pressure.

Benefits Of Using The NoAir Coffee Brewer

There are many different ways for a user to benefit from a device like this. It has a simple yet innovative system to produce a great cup of coffee. Among the many benefits, the most important are:

1. Using the NoAir, even if the coffee cools down, it will still retain the same great taste of your brew.
2. Thanks to its ability to remove CO2 from the mixture, you get a less bitter drink. Furthermore, there will also be less carbonic acid which can cause an upset stomach.
3. Using this method, there is very little damage to the environment which means you are getting your coffee, your body is reaping the benefits, and the environment isn’t being harmed.
4. By removing the CO2 and retaining the flavor of your coffee, NoAir will be able to make a delicious cup of your favorite brew that you will look forward to having.

Final Thoughts

The NoAir is an imposing device that can produce a great cup of coffee and also be good for your body at the same time. It uses a unique brew of coffee and pulls out the flap, and removes the CO2 that might make you sick.

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