a little about me

4/14/23 -Amber, Bebe and Emma all came to YHR from the same home. Their elderly owner could not care for them any longer so surrendered them. All three are very tall, slender, have nice tails and have beautiful faces. They all thought about going into modeling, but after giving it careful consideration, figured the better path would be to join a family and be pampered, loved and retired. They all three seem to have had puppies before and show signs of uncertainness of humans, so were aren’t sure of their full background of socialization. We believe they are sisters as they are all the same age and look a lot alike.
When they first arrived, they did not have any vetting done, so they received the works. Bloodwork, dental, spay, shots, heartworm test, etc. Their skin and hair were in pretty bad shape too, but good food and baths are helping the hair feel more like hair and less like hay.

Even though they have a lot in common, they do have differences in their personalities, so we asked each of them to give you details about themselves.

Hi, I’m Amber. I am such a sweetheart, so I’ve been told everyday since I arrived at my foster home. My foster parents are constantly saying how pretty my face is and how dainty I am and how sweet my personality is. I’m very humble too. I love getting attention and if I even think you are going to want to give me a kiss or pet me, I will scurry right up to you, hunker down and roll over. I am a very submissive girl and appreciate any attention and love I can get. I’m always happy too. My tail is always wagging and my butt wags with it. My whole backend moves when I’m happy, which is all the time now. I just love being talked to and will look at you as if you hung the moon.

I haven’t quite got the hang of being held. I’m rather uncomfortable and don’t know what to do since I haven’t been held much previously, but I’m getting better. I’m not so clingy that I follow my humans everywhere, but foster mom keeps inviting me to every room she goes in, so I’m learning to understand that I’m wanted. I’m a very good girl to go outside and do my business (but have been seen going on the pee pad, and sometimes on a rug); I’m not a huge barker (unless the other dogs in the home bark and they need back-up); and I get along fine with other calm dogs. I really don’t care about toys, just comfortable places to lay.

I really enjoy having other dogs around, but I don’t like very active, obnoxious ones. I’m a sweet calm girl and would like to share space with another sweet, calm dog or two. I’ve learned to use the bench to get up and down in the bed, however, I haven’t gotten quite comfortable enough to sleep the whole night through in the human bed. I will start off there (because foster mom brings me to bed), but in the middle of the night, I wind up going to sleep on the back of the sofa. I have also learned about all the comfy dog beds in the house and foster mom and dad have been catching me in a new one every so often.

So the lowdown on me is that I’m VERY sweet, pretty, kind, gentle, dainty and loving and I’m looking for a home with a fur-sibling or two, a mom and dad, no young children, a fenced in back yard (doesn’t have to be large), healthy food and nightly massages (I absolutely love my belly rubbed). I know that is a tall order, but I’m a believer and I truly believe that there is a perfect home out there just for me, or me and one of my sisters. I’m not settling this time. I’m happy in my foster home, so I will hold out until what I read gives me the warm and fuzzies. Wouldn’t you? Thanks for understanding!

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