a little about me

4/14/23 – Emma, Amber and Bebe all came to YHR from the same home. Their elderly owner could not care for them any longer so surrendered them. All three are very tall, slender, have nice tails and have beautiful faces. They all thought about going into modeling, but after giving it careful consideration, figured the better path would be to join a family and be pampered, loved and retired. They all three seem to have had puppies before and show signs of uncertainness of humans, so were aren’t sure of their full background of socialization. We believe they are sisters as they are all the same age and look a lot alike.
When they first arrived, they did not have any vetting done, so they received the works. Bloodwork, dental, spay, shots, heartworm test, etc. Their skin and hair were in pretty bad shape too, but good food and baths are helping the hair feel more like hair and less like hay. Emma had a lump by her private part and the doctor took a biopsy and it turns out that it was a mast cell tumor (low grade). Please don’t let this scare you off because they got it and it could never come back. She will need to be checked over and any sign of any lumps, she will need to be brought to the vet to make sure all is well.

Even though they have a lot in common, they do have differences in their personalities, so we asked each of them to give you details about themselves.

Hi, I’m Emma. I have the sweetest personality that you will ever come in contact with. Yep, that’s right, no one out there sweeter. You can just wrap me up and stamp “Godiva” on my back end! I’m pretty flexible too, I could just lay in your lap or sit in your arms all day without so much as a peep or follow you everywhere you walk in the house. I’ve heard that I am an absolute gem to have around and very dainty. I would rather spend all day with my people being petted and loved on. I eat great and fast; I sleep curled up next to my humans all night; I’m a very good girl to go outside and do my business (but have been seen going on the pee pad, and sometimes on a rug); I’m not a huge barker (unless the other dogs in the home bark and they need back-up); and I get along fine with other calm dogs. I don’t seem to know anything about the things called toys, but foster mom and dad are trying to teach me. I love both my foster parents, but, and please don’t tell foster mom this, but I do favor my foster dad. Aside from the fact that he is good looking and I’ve been told I look like a model, I just melt when men are sweet to me. This in no way means I cannot be a momma’s girl because I CAN!

I’m sure I’d be a great only dog, but think it would be best if there were another dog or two with laid back personalities. I say this because when foster mom or dad have to leave me, I’m more comforted with friends around. However, even with fur-siblings around, if you are just outside washing the car or doing yard work, you might want to think about bringing me out with you, because if I can see you, I will whine for you and the other dogs have said I hurt their ears. I’ve learned to use the bench to get up and down in the bed to sleep at night, can jump up on the sofa for napping during the day, and am running quality check on all the dog beds in the house. But, if you are sitting, I’m sitting right beside YOU!

Let’s sum me up: sweet, attractive, loyal, kind, gentle, dainty, and loving, looking for a laid back home with a dad and a mom, no young children, a fenced in back yard (doesn’t have to be large), the ability to sleep in the master bed, but have dog beds for napping, healthy food and nightly massages. Am I being too needy? Well, I’m now retired from having puppies and have gained enough confidence in my foster home to realize that I am a catch, so bring your “A” game when applying because foster mom is one of those “crazy rescue individuals”.

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