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1/3/2024 – Harper is doing great! Harper did have an MRI that identified she has a pocket of fluid pushing on her spinal cord. This pocket of fluid is right where her back humps up and is the cause to her occasional bowel incontinence. Being this pocket of fluid is pushing on the spinal cord, draining it is riskier than just leaving it alone. Her symptoms are not severe, so it is not worth the risk. She may develop urinary incontinence over time and her fecal incontinence may get worse, but other than that she is doing just fine. Her foster mom just keeps blankets where she sleeps so if she does go poo, the blanket can just be washed. She is not on any meds and we did try a round of steroids that did not change anything.

Harper is a very loving little girl. She loves attention and to give kisses. She is good about laying on the couch or in a doggy bed during the day. She sleeps in a doggy bed on her foster mom’s bed and does great. She does not play with toys much. She does good in the car, but does shake when in the car. Her foster mom puts her in a car seat and she does good and lays down. She also does well in a crate if she needs to be put in one.

6/26/23 – Harper is a very sweet and loving little girl that we unfortunately do not know anything about her background. She does occasionally cower down, which could be fear or a something happened to her at some point. She has a cute little under bite and recently had a dental where she lost 9 teeth. She had teeth missing prior as well, but she does still have some teeth left. Harper does have a walk that is off, walks with a hump back, and occasionally has bowel incontinence, meaning she poops without knowing it and it usually ends up in her bed when she is sleeping. She is at the specialist today getting an MRI done so we can maybe figure out what is causing her problems and to see if we can fix it for her. We will post an update when we know more about what is going on for our sweet little Harper.

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