a little about me

8/13/23 – Everyone put your hands together for DJ Dylan!

Yo! Yo! Ladies and Gentlemen, my name is Dylan, if you’re wondering what I’m up to, I just be chillin. I was found on the streets by a good Samaritan, she brought me to the vet and became my new friend. She looked for my owners far and wide, but I guess when they said they loved me, they must have lied. I’ve got a dope disposition and I’m happy all the time, although I’ve been through a lot, I’m doing just fine.

I love other dogs and can’t wait to have a fur-brother or sister to play with. I love snuggling with the other dogs in my foster home and playing chase with them. We all sleep with foster mom and don’t even argue about who gets to lay closest to her. Even though I love my foster mom, I absolutely LOVE men. So, I would like it if I could have a mom and a dad. My vocals are strong, so no apartments or attached housing. We go on walks every morning and I am the love of the neighborhood. I don’t meet a stranger (except for small children), and no one can pass me up without meeting, petting and sniffing me. I am pretty agile, so you can usually find me on the back of the sofa or a chair. I’m pretty good at the benches/steps too, so don’t think you are sleeping in the big bed without me.

I love playing with toys, so wouldn’t mind an army of those in my new home. Foster mom has puppy pads down which really helps with my tiny bladder. But I’m not picky, I’ll use grass, concrete, pads, etc. Even though I have energy and love to play, I choose a lap over everything, hand down.

I’ve been told that I’m not the best at grooming, especially around my face, but I’m sure I will get better with time. Oh, I can’t forget to tell you that we will need a front doorway that is secure since I’m very small and quick. We might want to invest in one of those baby gates that you have to enter before getting to the front door. Safety first!

Let’s sum it up. I’m cute, I’m sweet, I’m playful, I’m energetic and a magnet for all humans. So, I’ll end by saying that, “Even though my last home was whack, Yorkie Haven Rescue will find me a new great crib, and that’s a fact! Peace Out!

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