a little about me

What’s that you say honey? You are going to have to talk louder because I’m hard of hearing. My eyesight also isn’t what it used to be because of these darn cataracts. And to top it off, I recently went to the vet and was told I have a grade 4 heart murmur. It’s ok though, the vet gave me some medicine to take, (Enalapril, 2.5 mg., ½ tab twice daily; Furosemide, 20 mg., ½ tab twice daily; and Vetmedin, 2.5 mg., ½ tab twice daily) and it makes me feel like new. Well, maybe not like NEW, but heck, what do you expect from a 14-year-old yorkie?

Oops, there goes my mind getting all side-tracked again. My name is Scottie and I entered Yorkie Haven Rescue because my mom’s eyes, ears and mind weren’t all they used to be either and she had to go live in a nursing home. This old age thing doesn’t play favorites does it? Well, I hope my age doesn’t scare you away, because I’m definitely not ready to check out, just ready to check into a new home that wants a distinguished older man. Someone they can watch their soaps with and pet as they relieve their stress.

Anyway, I’m in a great foster home now and foster mom and dad just love me to pieces. They are always telling me what a good and sweet boy I am. They sure do know how to make an old-timer feel special.

They have 2 other dogs here at my foster home and I fit right in and we’ve been known to play a little. However, I do think that a home without young dogs and children would be best since I am in retirement. Foster mom and dad let me sleep with them and I really love that, but I also don’t mind taking naps on the sofa or in a few of the dog beds around here. Once I warm up, I love all people, but since my sight and hearing are diminished, I’ll need you to be gentle and slow in the beginning. I’m really good about doing my business outside when taken and there are potty pads inside that I’ve been known to use as well. I hope you are ok though if I make a mistake since my bladder isn’t what it used to be either.

With all of the cons I’ve been telling you about myself, I figured I better throw in some pros so you don’t quit reading my bio and move on to the next dog. I’m not a huge barker, which I’ve been told is a plus for my breed; I sleep good; I eat good; I’m an awesome car buddy; I’m a sweet snuggler; I’m cute; I’m loveable and I like to give kisses. Did that level the playing field? I think it should! I might have a few body parts that don’t function at 100% anymore, but I still feel love and have a lot of it to give. I’m an unconditional kind of guy, and if just given the chance, I would make you the happiest dog owner EVER!

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