a little about me

4/3/2022 – Ok, I’ll just start off by letting you know that I realize that I am not the most adoptable pup in the world. I really have a fear of humans right now. Some humans have really worked me over in my lifetime and it’s just not that easy letting my guard down.

I don’t exactly remember when, but I was kicked out into this cruel world to fend for myself. I obviously wasn’t doing that great of a job since one of those huge things with four wheels ran me down. It was all a blur of pain and being moved around at that time.

I finally ended up in a nice foster home with Yorkie Haven Rescue and my foster mom is helping me heal and learn to trust humans again. She took me to a special dentist who said I had a lot of fractures in my jaw and face but that I would heal in time. The doctor told my foster mom I am a lucky girl because my teeth are still ok and my jaw had not moved, so I didn’t need surgery or a splint. The first doctor that had seen me had put one on and I hated it. My foster mom is giving me soft food and she seems real nice. I am starting to let her pet me. I heard her tell people that she is giving me time to figure out that people aren’t wanting to hurt me. I hope she is right and my awful days are behind me, but to be totally honest, I’m afraid of people at this point. Now dogs, I love other dogs. Love to sleep by them, love to play with them, love to always be near them. My foster mom has other dogs and they are very kind to me; so, having another friendly dog in my future home will only help me to trust you more.

Quick movements frighten me. Also, while I will let my foster mom pet me now, most times it has to be on my terms. If she reaches for me I tuck my tail and run. I like her, I just am so afraid of being hurt again.
So now you’re probably thinking, “Why adopt this dog, she’s hopeless”. Well, Kimmie is not hopeless and this is your chance to really “adopt” and “rescue” a poor lost soul who will in time come around.

If you are able to provide this sweetheart with the patience and space she needs to learn that life from here on out will be good for her, Kimmie will, in time, reward you tenfold with her loyalty. She’s not going to greet you at the door right off with a big lick, she doesn’t want to cuddle up next to you on the sofa and watch a movie, but this baby is one that really deserves another chance at a life that she has missed out on at the hands of inhumane people.

4/2/2022 – Kimmie is doing well physically. She does not seem to have any issues with the multiple fractures of her jaw and face. She is eating well and has put on some much needed weight. She will be returning to the specialist in May for a follow up CT scan of her mouth.

She still has a long way to go. She is extremely timid but is starting to learn that the hands that feed her are not going to harm her. We have no idea how long she was a stray but she acts as if it was a very long time. She is doing very well with the other pups in her foster home.

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