Major Tom

a little about me

Major Tom is a Yorkie/Schnauzer Mix

The name is Major Tom, but you can call me Major. Or, you can call me Tommy Boy. Or you can call me Baby. Just call me in a sweet voice, because I love that.

I was surrendered by my previous owner because I was too much to handle. My last home did not have enough energy outlets for me and I really need exercise and also needed more socialization. Not getting this resulted in me playing too rough snapping and biting at my mom. She did what was best and surrendered me to YHR. I explained to my foster mom that I didn’t mean it and she said that it’s just puppy antics that needed to be redirected.

I do have a very submissive and fearful personality. I’m afraid when meeting new people and will sometimes submissive tinkle. Other times I will try to overcompensate for my fear by barking and growling. Foster mom tells everyone to just sit down and let me get to know them and come to them on my terms. She told me that she understands my issues and we are going to slowly work on them.

She’s cool. I’m timid around other dogs too. I’m just learning to play with them a little because there is a Shih-tzu in my foster home that is trying to show me the ropes. So having another dog in the home would be a plus so I can pickup ques from them and it helps me trust humans too. I just don’t need to be around any that are too rough because it scares me.

Once I trust you, I’m definitely my human’s dog and I will follow you everywhere and can even get protective of you. I f foster mom and I are in the bed and foster dad walks in, I will bark and growl at him until he comes over and talks sweet to me and pets me. Foster mom said that I cannot go to a home with children of any age or one that is too chaotic because I get overly stimulated easily. Exercise, i.e., walking, playing fetch or chase with my humans, etc. will help with this and help me to gain confidence.

I know I’m not doing the best at making myself sound like a gem to be adopted, but I am actually a great boy. I come when called, sleep right next to my human all night perfectly, and loves to give and receive love and affection. I’m learning to play with toys and it is the bomb! I’m pretty good in the potty department as long as you let me out enough and stay out with me If you think you will sneak off and go inside, forget it. I will run back in too and do my business inside. So, it’s up to you if you want to stay out with me, or clean up. Lol

I’m not a springy fellow. I’m actually just starting to walk up the steps/benches to the bed. But I still like to be picked up and put in the bed. I will come down the steps though. Foster mom says it is just adorable to see me raise up on the side of the bed and scratch to be picked up. I guess since I’m bigger, she just assumes I’d be able to jump up and down the steps with ease.

While I’m continuing to get love and attention here and learning discipline and how to trust, if you think I have the potential to be a part of your home, please apply. Remember, I will need a quiet home with parents that will exercise me regularly, no children, and another non-rowdy dog to learn from and play with.

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