a little about me

3/7/22 – Kobe was given up because his mom had a baby and he is a little too Napoleon for that kind of activity around the house. He is a quirky little tyke. He is as cute as he is little, but comes with special demands. He is very attached to men, but also loves women. He would really love to be an only dog. He DOES NOT, I REPEAT, DOES NOT, want you messing with him while he eats. The instructions on the label read: Place the bowl on the floor (preferably with him not around you) and walk away. Wait until he is completely done (preferably many, many minutes after he has walked away from his bowl) to pick his bowl up. He absolutely loves to be held and petted on, but while you are holding/petting him, he does not want anyone else coming into the picture. For instance, if daddy is holding me mom, DON’T walk up and try to pet me, OR I WILL BITE YOU! And, unfortunately, I have pointy teeth that puncture. I also love to tear up paper if left around. Teehee.

I know, I know, I sound like a tyrant, but I am a very loving boy. I love rubbing my face on legs, clothes that are hanging down, covers, etc. I love having my belly rubbed, my face and ears rubbed and kissed and I love to play with fingers. I’m not real big on toys, but my foster mom keeps trying. Even though I am low to the ground, I am quite springy. I can use the steps to get in and out of the bed and on the sofa. I don’t like a chaotic house, so one without children is going to be best bet. Any loud noises send me into overdrive and that’s when my pointy teeth come out to play. I’m good with a bath and being blown dry. I tend to have itchy skin, so when I first got to my foster home, I received a Cytopoint Shot and seem to be doing great now. Just giving you a heads up in case I might need to get these every couple of months to keep my itchy skin calm. I also have a slight collapsing trachea. I only have episodes of hacking when I get excited when someone first comes home.

To sum up, I’m difficult, but not, sweet, but sassy, an angel, but a devil all wrapped into one. But I know one thing for sure, I’m too darn too cute to pass up. So, if you are interested, tell me and foster mom a little about yourself and your living arrangement and we will take you into consideration as my last parent(s).

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