a little about me


5/3/23 – I didn’t ask to be born; I didn’t ask to be homeless; and I certainly didn’t ask to be heartworm positive. But I am/was all of these things. Born because no one spayed momma. Homeless because no one wanted momma’s kids. And heartworm positive, because no one ever gave me heartworm prevention, which all dogs should receive monthly.

I guess I could either get mad and hold a grudge, or be happy that I was found and brought to Yorkie Haven Rescue. I choose the latter. I’m in a foster home now and being treated like a King… King Remy. I like the sound of that. I officially change my name to King Remy! J So, King Remy, (apparently, I’m speaking of myself in the third person now), will be neutered and have a dental cleaning (wow, do I ever need that) on May 18th and will start heartworm treatment in July. This Yorkie Haven place sure is nice to do all this for me. But King Remy is worth it!

There are other dogs in my foster home, but I’m not really a player. It might come later on, but it seems all I’m interested in right now is humping. Everyone in this household will sure be happy when I’m neutered. This wasn’t a problem when I was living on the street. Another downfall of living on the street is that there was never anyone to get attached too. So I’m not quite as clingy as I understand most yorkies are. I also don’t understand or play with toys. I’m not a huge kisser and don’t crave to be held. I don’t really bark much, but do eat very well and I’m not really scared of noises.

I’m hoping to update this bio after I’ve been neutered, had my teeth cleaned and completed heartworm treatment, to say….. that I follow my human(s) everywhere, love to be held and give kisses, play with other dogs my size, and can play with and tear up a toy like no one’s business.

Even though I cannot officially join my new family until heartworm treatment is complete, I’m taking applications now so I can get used to my last name. King Remy

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