Unique Dog Names and Their Meanings

Adopting a new dog adds new responsibilities to your life as a pet owner. From food, physical activities, housing, and veterinary care, you can choose the best options that are suitable for your dog. When it comes to choosing a good name for your canine friend, you can be as creative as you want! It’s up to you whether you want to name your little pooch after your birthplace, your favorite Disney princess, or a meaningful name in a foreign language such as Greek, French, Arabic, or Latin.

Fun Names for Your Dog

If you are feeling confused while deciding a name for your dog, we have created a list of cool names with unique meanings to help you out.

Female Dog

Here is the list of names for your female furry friend with their meanings.

1. Freja: Lady, goddess of beauty and death (Norwegian)
2. Nora: Shining light (Greek)
3. Persephone: Bringer of death, ancient goddess of the underworld (Greek)
4. Phoenix: Mythical regenerating bird (Greek)
5. Kartini: Act or deed, prominent women’s rights activist (Indonesian)
6. Phoenix: Mythical regenerating bird (Greek)
7. Ember: Burning coal (English)
8. Iris: Goddess of rainbows (Greek)
9. Millie: Free, determined (Latin)
10. Diana: Goddess of the moon (Latin)
11. Seraphina: Fiery, ardent (Hebrew)
12. Arianna: Holy (Greek)
13. Evangeline: Bearer of good news (Greek)
14. Nora: Shining light (Greek)
15. Calynn: Powerful in war (Gaelic)
16. Jetta: Black gem (Latin)
17. Titania: Great one (Greek)
18. Jaclyn: A famous YouTube personality
19. Bentley: A luxurious car
20. Zumba: Physical exercise or yoga
21. Bubbles: Pockets of air inside liquid
22. Iggy: Blazing one
23. Eva: Life (Hebrew)
24. Petunia: A type of flower
25. Noodle: A type of food
26. Malibu: A beach city in California
27. Xing: Star
28. Beauts: Beautiful
29. Lux: Luxury
30. Rosy: The color of rose/pink-reddish
31. Hermione: A famous female character from Harry Potter
32. Goldy Locks: A fictional character
33. Penny: A British coin
34. Nacho: A Mexican snack
35. Arya: A famous female character in Game of Thrones
36. Picasso: A famous painter
37. Sage: A type of herb
38. Princess: The daughter of a monarch
39. Matilda: A famous character from Roald Dahl’s novel and movie called Matilda
40. Lucky: Having, bringing, or resulting from good luck
41. Coral: A pinkish-red color
42. Nanea: Fascinating, intriguing (Hawaiian)
43. Astrid: Divinely beautiful (Scandinavian)

Male Dog

You can choose the following names for your cute, little male dog.

1. Nanea: Fascinating, intriguing (Hawaiian)
2. Luna: Moon (Latin)
3. Mackenzie: Child of the wise leader, born of fire (Gaelic)
4. Keava: Gentle, kind (Scottish)
5. Faye: Faith, loyalty (French)
6. Benoîte: Blessed (French)
7. Freyde: Joy (Yiddish)
8. Ilda: Friend (Innuit)
9. Basil: A type of herb
10. Flora: A type of plant
11. Woodsy: Outdoor driven, an object placed outdoors
12. Chanel: A luxury brand
13. Alpaca: A soft, furry animal
14. Kermit: A muppet frog
15. Romeo: A famous romantic fictional character
16. Buddy: A friend
17. Champ: A champion
18. Ziggy: A famous cartoon character
19. Mugsy: A gangster’s sidekick
20. Jeffree: A famous YouTube personality
21. Dingo: A wild Australian dog
22. Nandos: A famous restaurant
23. Lannister: The surname of a character in Game of Thrones
24. Gyro: A type of food
25. Willy Wonka: A character from Roald Dahl’s novel and movie called Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
26. Hunter: A seeker
27. Ferrero: A chocolate company
28. Reagan: Little ruler (Irish)
29. Leo: A lion
30. Chelsea: An English football club
31. King: A ruler
32. Gatsby: A character of a famous novel/movie called The Great Gatsby
33. Milo: Quiet and peaceful
34. Cent: An American coin
35. Chevy: A famous car called Chevrolet
36. Popeye: A famous cartoon/fictional character
37. Valentino: Great health
38. Ned: A famous male character in Game of Thrones
39. Happy: Showing or feeling pleasure or contentment
40. Ross: A famous male character in American sitcom called Friends
41. Scooby: A fictional/ cartoon dog
42. Dobby: A fictional character from Harry Potter
43. Luca: Bringer of light (Latin)
44. Munchkin: A child or a short person

The abovementioned list will help you select the perfect name for your little friend. Once you have decided a dog name, ensure that you create a name tag and attach it to your dog’s collar. Trust me, putting a name tag with your contact information will help you find your dog in case it runs out in the streets. If you own a male dog, you can put a Barclay Dog Collar in Ferrari Red around its neck to secure the name tag.

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by Maria A Davidson || You can’t buy love, but you can rescue it™

Facts About Animal Homelessness:

  1. Only 1 out of every 10 dogs born will find a permanent home.
  2. The main reasons animals are in shelters: owners give them up, or animal control finds them on the street.
  3. Each year, approximately 2.7 million dogs and cats are killed every year because shelters are too full and there aren’t enough adoptive homes. Act as a publicist for your local shelter so pets can find homes. Sign up for Shelter Pet PR.
  4. Approximately 7.6 million companion animals enter animal shelters nationwide every year. Of those, approximately 3.9 million are dogs and 3.4 million are cats.
  5. According to the National Council on Pet Population Study and Policy (NCPPSP), less than 2% of cats and only 15 to 20% of dogs are returned to their owners.
  6. 25% of dogs that enter local shelters are purebred.
  7. About twice as many animals enter shelters as strays compared to the number that are relinquished by their owners.
  8. It’s impossible to determine how many stray dogs and cats live in the United States. Estimates for cats alone range up to 70 million.
  9. Only 10% of the animals received by shelters have been spayed or neutered. Overpopulation, due to owners letting their pets accidentally or intentionally reproduce, sees millions of these “excess” animals killed annually.
  10. Many strays are lost pets that were not kept properly indoors or provided with identification.
  11. According to The Humane Society, there are about 3,500 brick-and-mortar animal shelters in the US and 10,000 rescue groups and animal sanctuaries in North America.

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