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September 18, 2019 – Daisy is now on prednisone daily for IBD. She is eating RX foods now and doing very well!

August 31, 2019 – Daisy, just can’t catch a break. She was initially improving after the last hospitalization; but then started having issues last week. She has been in and out of the vet. She refused food last night and this morning, so she was back at the vet this morning and her blood work once again had abnormalities. Her vet referred her to Gulf Coast Veterinary Internal Medicine and Critical Care where she was admitted. She will be there for 3 – 5 days. Hopefully, we can get her to where she is feeling better and find a food she can tolerate. That has been a huge issue. She has renal issues, IBD and pancreatitis so finding the right diet is beyond challenging.

Estimate for 36-48 hours is $2462
Donations and prayers so appreciated~

August 17, 2019 – After two days of fluids, Daisy is feeling better. We are having to change her diet again.
In spite of all of her medical issues, Daisy is a very happy and friendly pup! She loves to go out shopping!

August 16, 2019 – Daisy is back in the hospital today on IV fluids. She has pancreatitis. Will update as we know more. Prayers and donations appreciated.

August 7, 2019 – Daisy’s biopsy came back with a diagnosis of IBD. Meds and a diet change are the current plans. She is doing well at present!

July 30, 2019 – Daisy had an endoscopy this morning. We will have biopsy reports in 5-7 days. Her stomach looked fine but there was inflammation in the small intestine.

July 25, 2019 – Daisy has been seen by her internist and an endoscopy has been scheduled.

July 12, 2019 – Daisy was discharged from the hospital today and will be following up with the specialist in 10 – 14 days. Her blood work was much better, she is now well hydrated and the bloody stools have ceased. She is eating well which is a good sign! She is on multiple meds for her gastrointestinal issues. Thank you to everyone for your donations and kind messages and prayers for Daisy. Thankfully nothing awful was seen on her xrays and ultrasound…she will probably need further testing in the future but for now they want her to recover from this latest issue.

July 10, 2019 – Daisy was admitted today to ICU at Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists with a diagnosis of HGE (hemorrhagic gastroenteritis) and secondary pancreatitis. Daisy has multiple medical issues that have made adoption difficult. We do not have a “furever ours” program because we believe there is always a home for each pup. Sometimes it takes longer to find the right home and sometimes it doesn’t come; but, our foster homes know that and take in pups fully aware of this. Our foster homes are thoroughly screened just like our adopers so our foster pups are in great hands always! Daisy has a history of gastro issues and is on a very low fat diet, she is on meds for allergies, and she has PLN (protein losing nephropathy). She now has a grade 2 heart murmur which was just picked up today. She was seen one month ago and did not have that. The plan for Daisy is: Xrays, blood work, echocardiogram and cardiology consult, ultrasound of abdomen, blood work being done.

6/4/18 – Daisy would really love to be the only furbaby in the home. She doesnt have much to do with the other pups in her foster home, but can sometimes be snippy with them depending on her mood and their personality. This alone would make her best as an only pup.She eats well, but must remain on a Hills ID low fat diet. She would probably love to sleep in the bed with her humans when an only pup; but, for now seems to choose the bed at times and other times a dog bed on the floor or even a crate. We think this is to get away from the other dogs.She has been around children and is fine around them, but not too young to where they dont understand how to respect her space. She is great with all people, but sometimes can take a little while to warm up.She absolutely loves to play fetch. If your throwing arm is ready, she can fetch all day long. Daisy is good about doing her business outside or on a pee pad, but because of the positioning of her leg, when tinkling on the pad, she seems to over estimate and there is tinkle around the edges of the pad. You’ve got to give an A for effort though.

Daisy does fine on a leash but would prefer to have her own back yard of privacy over being walked to have to go. She is the best in the department of clingy/independent. At times she will literally want to lay on top of you and other times wants to be by herself. Again, we think she would really come around to being a clingy baby if she is the only one.She wouldnt be good as an apartment pup since she will bark at noises or if she thinks she needs to alert you to something or protect you. When picking Daisy up, she will scoot from you. This is where her timid side comes in, so someone will have to realize that even though you would be getting a gorgeous little girl that is a sweetheart, you might have to not push yourself on her and just give her the space and patience to come around to you. Shes been through a lot and sometimes these things stick with these babies awhile. Always a soft voice and gentle demeanor and calm house makes the most timid babies come out of their shell. She can utilize a bench or steps to get on the sofa or bed or you can just do it the old fashioned way and put her up and down.She is doll baby for grooming which is really great since her hair is so beautiful.Now to give you the medical update on Daisy: She has allergies at times and she is on Cytopoint injections for that which has really helped. At present they are lasting about 2 months, but that could change to being needed monthly. It is really important to keep her on the Hill ID Low fat. She had some bloody stool episodes and the diet has seemed to do the trick. Daisy also is in Stage 1 of Renal Disease.She is doing fine and could live a long life, but please realize that by adopting Daisy, you will not be getting a young, bouncy, totally healthy puppy. You will truly be rescuing a dog in need that actually isn’t on her last legs. She might have medical issues, but she is a great pup that eats great, sleeps great, is awesome for grooming, will let you shower her with attention, but wont demand to be the most important part of your day all day long. One who really needs a human(s) take care of her and let her make you laugh. Her allergy injections and diet do make her a little more expensive than the next yorkie up for adoption, but who doesnt have a few things going on. Daisy will give you daily love and attention if you are in need of someone to share your life.

1/24/17 – Daisy just got back from an appointment with the orthopedic surgeon to see how all was going with her leg. He said that she is healed and ready to go. So…… she trotted right home and packed her bags. Wow, talk about wanting a new family. Lol As you have likely read, Daisy’s leg was such in the beginning that we did not even think it could be fixed. But, much to our amazement, she does not have that pretzel of a leg any longer. The surgical procedure that had to be done to untwist it, has resulted in that leg being shorter than her other back leg. She has the stealth look of a GSD with the low back. The best part is that she can use the leg now and can scratch the itches she couldn’t scratch before. When running, she chooses to lift it. We assume this is habit from so many years of not being able to use it. But, if just walking, she uses all four.Daisy LOVES to play fetch and will do so all day. Her motto, If you have the time, I have the stamina. And latex squeaky balls are her fetch of choice.  She can be quite the diva with other pups, so being an only pup in the house would be ideal so as not to have any spats.She will use pee pads, and almost always gets on the pad, lol. She also goes outside each time she is brought.\She likes to sleep in bed with her people, rides well in a car, is a hearty eater and, as you can see by her photos, will be the prettiest daughter anyone could ever have.So, with all this being said, Daisy is fixing to get her teeth cleaned and then she will truly be ready to go. Please look at this pretty face, look past her flaws and give this baby a chance at a life that she obviously did not have to start off. She prays for a family every night. Who will make her prayers come true?\

12/5/2016 – Daisy has been on a prescription diet and is doing well. There have been no GI flare ups. Her recent blood work was improved…will be testing again in another month. At this point, no further testing is being suggested by the specialist.

10/3/2016 – Daisy was hospitalized in ICU a little over a week ago with HGE (hemorrhagic gastroenteritis) and probable PLE as her protein levels were low. She is on a low fat diet and will be seeing the specialist in another week for follow up blood work. If her protein levels are still low, she likely will have an endoscopy to pinpoint the cause of the protein loss). We will update as we know more. She is currently stable and doing well.

6/13/16 – While Daisy is a love of a pup, she does have issues with other pups. We are looking for her to be the queen of her castle.

4/10/2016 – While out in the bluebonnets taking photos a rainbow appeared! Daisy and her foster mom made a wish for Daisy’s perfect fur-ever home to appear! She has had some issues with her leg and is in a splint; but it is a minor setback. The implants had to be removed from her leg and one small area needed further attention and healing. She will be seeing the surgeon at the end of the month and we are hoping she will be completely healed at that time.Don’t let that stop you from completing her application as it does take some time to process applications!

10/31/2015 – Daisy is doing well with her physical therapy. If you click on Videos under her photo, you can see her on the treadmill at Gulf Coast Vet Specialists Physical Therapy Dept. She walked on her leg for 10 minutes this past week! Her ears are being treated for a yeast infection. At this time they seem to be responding to treatment. There is some tissue overgrowth but our vet thinks she may be fine since the ear canal is still there. She has clearly had issues with her ears in the past. Most likely she has allergies, but is not yet showing symptoms in her foster home. The surgeon will also be looking at her ears.

10/22/2015 – Daisy’s leg has healed well and she started Physical Therapy yesterday to learn how to use it. She will be going to PT twice/week for 6 – 8 weeks and is getting stretching exercises at home. She is already trying to use the leg in certain conditions, so this is all very exciting! Prior to her surgery, that leg was completely unusable! She can actually scratch herself now!
9/14/15 – Daisy’s leg wrap and her sutures were removed today. Dr. Beale is very happy with her progress. She looks great and will go back the first week of October…more than likely she will be starting physical therapy at that time.

9/4/2015 – Daisy had a very extensive surgery. Dr. Beale had to cut the tibia and femur and put plates in. Her knee cap was on the back side of her knee. There was a lot of scar tissue and overall a very long and tedious surgery but he feels confident that she will do just fine! She may need some physical therapy in the future but for now, it is rest and recuperation for her. She will be on crate rest for 6 – 8 weeks, with leash walking only for potty time. Many thanks to all for the prayers and good thoughts for Daisy!

9/2/2015 – Daisy was surrendered by her owner to a local shelter who contacted us to take her in. They were concerned because of her inability to use her left hind leg.We are posting photos and a video of Daisy”s leg to show what this baby has had to endure for most of her life. She also has had repeated ear issues…they will be taking a better look at them when she is under anesthesia. Daisy was taken to see Dr. Beale at Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists in Houston and will be having surgery on her leg on Friday. He said that this leg is like this because she had knee issues as a puppy before her growth plates closed; so her knee is very twisted and the bones are out of alignment. This will be an extensive surgery as there will be a lot of scar tissue in there; but she will be able to use her leg after this surgical correction! We were very excited to hear that this could be done! Of course, this type of surgery does not come without a price….her estimated surgery bill is $4,300. Anything you can do to help us save Daisy’s leg will be so appreciated!

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