Remy – NC

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2/20/24 – Thankfully, the biopsy report was negative and Remy is doing well!

2/11/24 – Remy is recovering well from his surgery to repair the portosystemic shunt. During surgery, a mass was found on his liver and a biopsy was done. We are awaiting the biopsy results.

1/17/24 – We just got the follow-up call from Remy’s CT scan on 1/16. It is confirmed he has an Extrahepatic Portosystemic Shunt. This means his liver is not filtering everything which is allowing toxins to flow into his system. The toxins are what cause the neurological issues and can stunt their growth. Remy is schedule for surgery on February 1st and will be neutered at the same time. He had a rough night last night of waking up every hour and crying, but because of the shunt he processes medication and anesthesia differently than other pups. He is better today, but more tired than usual.

He is doing well and has gotten a lot better about taking his meds but still does NOT want to be in a crate or pen during the day. He does good sleeping in a crate overnight, but it is a no go during the day. It will be interesting to see how that goes post-surgery. The tech at the vet said he barked and cried all afternoon after his CT scan because he did not want to be in there. He has moments of lots of energy and will take his favorite toys into one of the many dog beds around. He has a couple toys that tend to be his favorites. He is a very loving and happy little man that loves giving kisses and snuggling.

1/3/2024 – Remy is a sweet active little man that unfortunately his mommy could not get him the care he is needing, so she had to give him up. It broke her heart to have to do so. Remy very likely has a liver shunt. Both his regular vet and a specialist he had seen believe he has a shunt and his blood levels point to it as well. He has been on some medication and prescription food since it was identified. He does have episodes where you can tell the toxins are building up and his medication does help calm it down. We have a consultation set up with the surgeon on January 16th. It has been too long since his previous consultation, so a new one is needed. Hopefully, if it is a liver shunt, we can get him scheduled for surgery shortly after the new consultation. After clearing up all of his medical issues, he will need to be neutered and have a dental to clean his teeth and remove his remaining baby teeth. So, he has a bit of medical stuff that needs to be taken care of before he will be ready for adoption.

Remy does love to be held and snuggle in and also loves to play with toys and run around. He is not house trained, but will do his business outside when taken out. He has separation anxiety and will scream and bark if not with people. Given his size and because he tends to be unsettled even when sleeping, he sleeps in a crate at night for his safety. He does great in the crate for bed time and no longer barks or cries; but, other than bedtime, he does not like to be in one.

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