a little about me

11/28/22 – Cool….a car ride. Bet the family is taking me to Petsmart. Hey, wait a second…..this is not Petsmart. No toys, no treats, no fire hydrant in the parking lot to leave my calling card. Oh, no…..where are they going? They are leaving me. Wait, let me go….my family is leaving without me! There must be some mistake. Where am I? What is this kennel all about? This is not home. I am scared, now. I can’t get out and my family left me with these strange people. There are dogs everywhere, and they are all barking. They are scared, I can sense it. And so am I. If my family isn’t coming back, please call someone to come get me. Fast forward….. Yorkie Haven Rescue was called and my awesome foster mom and dad came in an scooped me up. They don’t really know why I was brought to the shelter and left, but I guess I just have to look at my glass as half full, especially since I’m out of there now, sleeping in the human bed with FM and FD, getting to go on walks and play with toys and pretty much living the life.
Oh, how rude of me. I haven’t formally introduced myself. My name is Rocky, the Rockstar Balboa. I’m in a foster home that doesn’t have any other dogs, but I am interested in interacting with dogs, of any size, when we come into contact with them. People are a different story. I can be a bit standoffish with new people. Especially if they want to reach out for me. That’s when my inner Rocky comes out. I bark and growl and lunge at them. So, it’s best just to admire me without having to be all up in my business. At least until I get comfortable around you. I’m closer to foster mom, but that is mainly because she works from home and we are together more. But foster dad is who I sleep up against at night. He makes me feel safer.

I currently eat Science Diet Sr. dry dog food mini bites and love it, so I hope my next home has this too. Foster mom says that I am a good boy and doing well with my potty habits. But, don’t forget that I am a small baby with a small bladder. I do still make mistakes in my foster home and we are working on that, but I am an older man who is kind of stuck in my ways.

I absolutely love toys and will carry them around squeaking them. I do have guarding tendencies and will bark and growl if you try to take something I am focusing on or playing with.

I’m a bit of a mountain goat as foster mom and dad have seen me go from the couch to the coffee table and the bed to the nightstand. Don’t exactly know where I’m going, but I’m on the move. I don’t think I’d be a candidate for apartment/condo life as I tend to be quite the loud mouth. I bark a lot and my barking increases with anxiety towards something or someone new around my food or toys. If you talk to me I also bark as if I’m carrying on a conversation with you. Most of the time foster mom says my bark sounds angry and distressed, but it is decreasing the longer I am here. She tells me that she can’t tell if my bark is out of anger, fear, or just being a typical cocky yorkie. To that I say, my name fits me well…. I’m resilient and a fighter. I act tough, but in time, I just might turn out to be a snuggler.

I am anxious fella. I act like I want to be loved and held, but when humans try to do this, that’s when I get nippy. I do enjoy getting in laps, but it is all on my terms and if you pet me too long, I will leave. I also like to give kisses, but again, all on my terms. I’d say that I’m kind of like a cat. I do like to be near my people. Foster mom says

I am a sweet man that needs someone who understands that I truly want a mom and dad to love, but tend to push people away with my grumpy personality. Please understand this and don’t fall in love with my cute face. Realize that I could be work and you could get a nip every now and then from me. If you can’t love me for who I am, don’t apply. I need someone who is all in 100%.

Foster mom has labeled me as an angry old man who wants to be loved, but doesn’t want to tell anyone just yet. So, I won’t be easy, but definitely worth it. If you are up to it, let’s get ready to rumble!

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