a little about me

3/16/23 – Good Morning All. Teddy here. I was looking up the meaning of my name the other day, you know, just being curious, and the first thing I read: “a piece of women’s underwear”. I mean, REALLY? Then I read: “a soft toy bear”. Now, that’s more like it. That’s me! But since Webster’s Dictionary did not give more details, I’ll go ahead and fill you in a lot more about this soft Teddy Bear.

My previous family wasn’t able to keep me any longer so put in a call to Yorkie Haven Rescue. My foster mom picked me up and here I am. I’ve gone to the dogtor where “14”, YES, “14” teeth of mine were evicted from my mouth for being too messy. And then, shhhhh, they took my manhood away. Honestly, it’s all good, because I’m such a glass is half full type guy, I just know that all of that was done in my best interest.

So, I’m now feeling much better since my cone of shame is off my head and I’m living it up in my foster home. Mom has 2 other young furbabies in the house that I love to play with, but there is also 2 other geriatric furbabies that I love to lounge with. I truly haven’t met a dog or person that I don’t like. I see the best in all God’s humans and creatures.

I sleep in the big bed with my foster mom and absolutely have to be touching her all night. She moves, I move. I’m a great eater. When foster mom has to leave the house, me and my fur-siblings have the run of the house. I’m a good boy. I don’t chew on anything, don’t mess up anything and don’t throw any parties.

I have become VERY attached to foster mom and am sure I will do the same with my next mom. My motto is everything is better done in pairs. I love sitting in laps, next to you, being held, giving non-stop kisses, and basically anything else that involves a connection between my human and I.

Not majorly interested in toys, but if the other dogs are playing with them, I might pick one up every now and then. Proud to say that I am doing well in the potty department, but foster mom works from home and we do have a doggy door that is unlocked during the day and she can watch us. But do understand that my bladder is small, so mistakes might happen.

I walk very well on a harness/leash and love to go for walks, as well as riding in the car. I do have a high-pitched bark that I will use at various times. One of those times is when I see the birds and squirrels in the backyard. I pretty much go with the flow here at my foster home. I’m not a roll-over and play passive type guy, but definitely don’t need to be in charge. I’m also good at sharing attention with the other dogs.

I feel I can also be an only dog if you don’t have any others at the current time since I love my humans so much. Just consider me the best male companion you could ever find. I am up for just about anything my human is doing. You want to watch a movie – I’’ll grab the popcorn; going on a walk – let me grab my harness/leash; doing a little gardening – let’s put on out sun hats and sunscreen. I am happiest when I am with my person.

I went back and read my bio to make sure everything was ok. I sure do sound great. OMG, I cannot believe I’m for adoption. Someone out there is going to be very, very lucky to be able to give me their last name.

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