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1/3/2020 – Tiny was going to be taken to a shelter by his owner when someone stepped in and picked him up and called us. He was transported to Houston yesterday and saw our vet this morning.
Some of what he has that we know of are the following:
skin infection, cataracts and atrophy of the irises, luxating patellas, ear infection, ear mites, small cyst on head, loose and terribly infected teeth and he is underweight.

We will know more tomorrow when we get blood and urine results.

1/6/2020 – Tiny did have some alterations in his blood work He was anemic but it could be due to having fleas. He is eating well. We are going to give him a couple of weeks to eat and rest and then will repeat labs. He also is on antibiotics.

1/12/2020 – Tiny is coming along. Poor guy had hookworms on top of everything else. He just had his 3rd day of treatment and he is perking up quite a bit! We are sure this is what caused his anemia. He was sleeping a lot but much more alert now! He loves to go outside! We will get some pics of him walking around.
Once he is better and blood work is improved, he will have a much needed dental.
Thank you for helping us save this little man!

1/27/2020 – If you are looking for a senior with a lot of love to give, Tiny is your man! We are SO happy to have been able to save this precious boy!

He is still being treated for hookworms (second round of treatment) and then we will be checking his bloodwork again to see if we can proceed with his dental. Poor little guy has such awful teeth. He is on canned food with water added and eats like a champ! He gets so excited at meal time! We imagine it will be even better once those awful teeth are gone.

He does sleep a lot due to his age, but when awake he is a happy little guy who gets around just fine. He doesn’t ask to go outside but his foster mom takes him out every couple of hours and he immediately goes to the bathroom as soon as his feet hit the ground! He has had a couple of accidents but only because he was not taken out when he needed to be….he needs to go outside right after he wakes up and after he eats!

His vision is probably limited because he has some cataracts and atrophy of his irises; but, he can see to get around.

He cowers a bit when approached. Not sure if this is due to his limited vision or something in his past history. He clearly was not cared for at least in recent years. He is starting to come to his foster mom when she calls him by name.

He sleeps in his foster mom’s bed. He is picked up and put on the bed and put back down in the morning. He does not wake up early, so he doesn’t attempt to get off of the bed.

We are hopeful that we can find a home where Tiny will be loved for the rest of his life…he may have many years left. We surely hope so because we would love to make up for the neglect he suffered previously.

3/13/20 – Tiny had some problems with anesthesia so his dental was not done. He will be seen by a specialist to evaluate and make a decision of what to do about his teeth.

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